Gm_Kanto [Dev}

I was sitting around one day replaying good 'ole Pokemon red when i thought hey wouldn’t it be great to have a 3D map of Kanto and here it is, well only one house for now. Dev textures only for now but at the end i plan to have custom ones, and possibly some custom model. I plan to have Pallett Town finished by the end of this week.



I love nostalgic replicas, keep up the good work.

They are only good if you replicate it on the basis of an exact clone (like someone did with some Doom maps) or if you bring them into a sort of next-gen feel (making them look decent).

This could be good if the creator stopped his mentality of “And it is meant to be blocky.”

Agreed, saying something is meant to be blocky is just being lazy.

Are you going to put a light_environment in there or are you just going to spam lights?

Thanks for the responses

@Larry_G there will be light_enviroments when i start to add more buildings,

and do you have any suggestions how i can make the map less blocky.

By not using the block object.

You remind me of this thread:

Update time

And could someone help me with this the sides of the water are nodraw and the texture is nature/pretty_1

That’s not too much completed for a day of work, that should take what, ten minutes? Considering how simple the brushwork is.

University takes up quite a bit of time.

your dimensions for the house are way off the original, it’s too tall and the roof is wrong.

Also, there’s supposed to be a sign, not a mailbox.

If you make it smaller there’s no room inside it for the player.
Because pokemon isn’t 3D. It’s isometric/2D/seen from above and so on.

In other words, you can’t make a 3D replica of a 2D game while it still looks alike.

I’m going to give this up for a bit and improve my mapping skills on some small projects then come back to this.

1 will do. :v:

In the latest pictures, the light_env settings seem to be wrong. Use this:

what you’ve got so far seems accurate.

Is it possible to map ALL of kanto? probably have to make the cave and mountain areas just look really high and make them then and have the caves below…

That’s not what i’m talking about as in smaller.

I’m talking about the shape.

It should be more like this:

I made that last night when I saw this thread cause I was all nostalgic about Pokemon…

This is coming from you, the greatest mapper ever, correct?


oh man this is gonna be good :smile: