The first mission of killing the breen. this is at beta yet because i’ll take a little break from mapping but then i will start working on this again. hope you like:


are you dumb… i mean the haters… this is a BETA so it is not ready :confused:

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That’s a very good and original map ! I can even say it without seeing any pics in the op.

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well StoneRabbit if you played it i hope you liked… it will have some changes in the future when i continue the work on it

You didn’t learn from before did you…IMAGES.

Also, there is no way you could have made a better map in a day. Time and detail = a better map.

So I decompiled the map and you know what
1.This map is real bad, it looks like you put no effort into it in making the place.At least make it into buildings or something.
2.You didn’t even “nodraw” the faces of brushes that cant be seen
3.This is a common mistake for a beginner, the **oversized skybox **actually make the game runs worse.
4.Kill Breen maps are not fun anymore or if you really want to, put more effort into it.
I can tell you more than this but this should be god enough for a beginner.

Son that just ain’t right, you didn’t even look at the old thread man

So…a breakdown of the map. Several rooms, a smattering of npc’s, and a breen. No detail, just blocky rooms. I can’t work out if this is for real or a joke thing.

And yet, i can’t help but think my work is more attractive somehow:

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One of the most beautiful, simple maps I have ever seen. Tears to my eyes.

Strangely, that’s what sphinxa used to say. Well…that and “oh god, i’m blind”.

Seriously? What’s the purpose of the map? Where’s the lighting? Even I make better maps than this. :v:

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I win.

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kill breen is boring as hell

How dare you steal my work.

actually i made this

Um was this like your first map or something?

No his first map was yesterday

second map

you can’t decompile a map and then complain about the technical side of things

I too decompiled it. The only thing that decompiling does strangly is how it chops up brushes. It won’t suddenly add a huge skybox.

OP- i have played pre-alpha games with more content than this. Don’t pull the “only a beta” excuse. In fact, a beta should be feature complete with a bit of design work and bugs to fix up. Maybe you should have called it a “foundation release” instead.

Don’t ever say that again.

if you feel like you need to decompile a map to make it seem worse than it is, you’re doing something wrong.

most decompilers fuck up nodrawing, or completely skip it. i’m not saying the op necessarily knew how to nodraw but you can’t decompile a map (which is notorious for creating errors) just because you want to make it look bad. if you want to point out the technical errors of a map, ask them for the vmf.