Gm_KillHouses WIP

This is my first serious attempt at hammer so be gentle.

-It’s Based off the level from the Rainbow Six series where you do terrorist hunt and whatnot. I made it for my own personal use because I just wanted to have a level to have fun with the AI,so it’s currently fully noded.

-I wanted to post it for advice and also to see if you guys liked the idea enough for me to try and upload it when I’m done with it (which I will try to make the map’s quality a lot better if I do).

**** I updated the outside but I’m still working on the inside of the buildings. Tell me what you think.

It’s blocky
The lighting is bland and ugly
Crates spammed at random all over the place
Walls are too thin
Skybox is ugly
It’s encased in a big box.
No detail.

Try a more night time skybox and make sure the walls are at least 8 units or more and do not use the same texture for all the walls in side the place and maybe add some lights like light_spots to the map with some more detail.

like the forth pic put a light_spot on the ceiling so you can see a bit better you do not want it to be to dark
to the point its hard to see people or npc’s hope that helps.

this is his first map

help him out.

I’d like to put a different sky box but when I choose a sky out of the textures it either doesn’t show up in-game or my computer crashes, so I just pick 3d-sky box.

What I mean by try a more night time skybox is you have to go map and under that go to map Properties then click on where it yes skybox texture name as seen in this pic


Then go here and find the skybox you want and make sure its for that game because they have skybox textures there for almost all games that use valve hammer then just copy and past the name of the skybox you want in the skybox texture name not sure if you can see it but I have Sky_hydro_01 for my skybox because its a TF2 map and I like how it looks.

Hopes this helps you out.

thank you VERY much i picked out a night sky box.

About the blocky buildings, I just don’t know how to put any more detail into them or fix that. any suggestions?

He did.

only thing you can do to add more detail to your map is add some more props to it by doing that and if done right it will make it look less blocky.

the only thing I see that is blocky is the outside area in the first pic you have the inside just needs better lighting and more detail same with and the outside area could use more detail to try replacing the ramps you made with like prop_static that looks like stairs that is one way to make it less blocky.

I updated the outside so tell me what you think please.

Actually, the map is called “Killhouse” not “Killhouses”

Oh, I guess I forgot to mention I didn’t know the exact name. I partly guessed from memory. Thanks anyway.