A map I am working on… It is extremely small, so I know many people will not like it, the mountains just cut off and I probably will not make it better… so idk, its mainly for practicing making maps.

Go here to look at the pics —^

The tower at the top of the mountain the in the first pic actually looks pretty good.

needs env_cubemaps

Most of the brushes need to be func_detail
The stairs, rails, roofs, etc.

You need to use a different water texture. DX7 just doesn’t cut it.
The texture on that mountain is pretty unrealistic and you should revise your paint alpha technique, as it currently looks sloppy.
The buildings down the bottom are very undetailed and appear to be made of only a few brushes, with only 2-3 textures.
The tower at the top of the mountain is pretty cool and very unique.
You should look at some reference pictures of jetties to make yours look nicer (currently looks like a block of wood, supported by a few square poles).

Definitely has potential, simply because it’s a unique style that I don’t think has been done before.
Keep at it and regularly post progress pictures and ask for advice.

I think the water is just his graphics settings. I tried the map and the water looks normal and reflective.

Tower looks awesome, the skybox’s not, got a gap

Tower reminds me of Lord of the rings, quite nice

Yeah, I didn’t use dx7, and it isn’t my graphics either, I used the .bsp viewer, I was too lazy to run in-game. But thanks for the ideas, I’ll try to use them.


what’s with the lines on your skybox?

That’s only in the pictures I took, which were took in .bsp viewer, what it does it gives a look of the map in a really low quality. When I load the map it doesn’t have lines. I guess I’m gonna have to get in game and take real pictures…

aw, sorry, i thought it was ingame