My first public map, designed for single player. Basicly, it’s a small lab and some grass.



-Automatic door, stays open for 5 seconds.
-Toggleable windows
-2 RT monitors
-Shelves for small things

Made by Pythagoras/rctfanatic/Caius Sophocles (all me =b) so don’t reupload. Yea.[/media]

It looks good for a first map, but the rt screens can cause lag during online play. It is a little on the small side, but like I said its looking good. :cheers:

lighting, bro

The lighting’s fine, but theres no light models to match.

Not only that, the lighting is also white and dull, also add some detail.

But do we really need more damn construct maps?

don’t go to hard on him, its one of his first maps, we have all started somewhere

Yea, decals and props and stuff. I actually intended for this map to be used in tutorials or something.

Actually, this is my 1st publicly released map. I’ve been mapping for about 2 months.

I do realise this map is a bit small and boring, but if you care for it, I could make a larger v2 with decals/props/more interactive stuff, just give me some input. polo t shirt Hommelacoste polo t shirt FemmeRalph Lauren t shirt HommeRalph Lauren t shirt Femme

The lighting makes it look almost like fullbright :confused:

Best thing to do is to chalk this one to experience. Now you know where to improve come up with something that will push you a bit more. Spend at least a month on it then, if you think it is good enough, release it.

Stop saying go easy on him because it’s his first public map. It’s not an excuse.

Can’t be a construct map if there isn’t enough room to construct ON in the first place.

I only spent about an hour on this, so there’s definitely room for improvement. And yea, I’ve made tons of maps. This is the 1st one I’ve publicly released. All others were for a different cause.

This is why you shouldn’t have released it yet.

I was proud of it, and it was something I’ve been wanting to start for a while, so I released it to get some feedback to add features you guys may want, or fix up some flaws you guys spot.

To get feedback, make a wip-thread instead.