I think somebody should create a 2nd version of this map. Just a thought. Map is gm_lair.


Uhh. A second version? Yeah, it’s a good idea for someone to do an update on it (maybe the guy who made it in the first place) but you should probably PM a mapper / creator of map instead of just putting it out there.

Meh, I might play around with SourceSDK. See if I can get anything sexy like you <3

Uh, No. You need to contact the original mapper first, before you start editing or copying his works.

Also making a map like this requires ALOT of skill and practice.

I know, that is why I said I will play around with SourceSDK see what I can come up with.

You talk, but i all i hear is nonsense.
What are you making a map for some random guy who told you to go get permission from the creator of this map?

No, You moron. I was saying this map is <3. I then, decided to go play with SourceSDK.

Well… Good of you to share.

Love you too <3 -_-

A+ Thread.

would read again