.: Gm_lake_final :.

I started making this in an attempt to create a map that was peaceful and pretty. The idea to create a lake map
came from my visit to the lake district in England and joining that with a place near to me, I created this map.

Final! A 3D skybox has been added and I lowered the sun for a nicer atmosphere.


> A lake
> Rolling hills
> A calm and relaxing atmosphere
> Perfect for boats and planes
> HDR and Cubemaps
> Soundscapes
> Nice lighting and a sun entity
> 16 displacements for smoothness
> Many more displacements for the skybox
> Fog
> Sand around the edge of the water
> Trees
> Rocks
> A flat area to build
> A 3D skybox

The picture sums it up in one.

Download link is at the top of the post :smiley:

Check out for updates


Version 3 was released one day ago?

I fixed a few minor bugs and added 3d skybox which nearly everyone wanted, and also made the sun and lighting nicer.
Haven’t really had a break from 8 this morning (GMT) until now because there were some ‘issues’ xD

I wasn’t planning to carry on after v3, but I decided to do one last update :smiley:

Looks awesome. Does it have AI nodes? I know this is supposed to be a peaceful map, but we have an NPC tab for a reason now don’t we lol.

nice, can’t wait to see some scenebuilds on this one

Looks like it’d be fun for boat building. Good job.


Also, great improvement. The trees look way better.

Looks boring.

Looks really good, downloading this.

I played this with some friends. It looks like something is wrong with your cubemaps, and you should really work on a better 3D skybox. In some places it doesn’t connect with the play area correctly, and it doesn’t look very cool for it to just block you from going anywhere. You should make cliffs around the play area, blocking the area around, and then make a 3D skybox with trees in it.

It’s simplistic.

I like it.