.: Gm_lake_v3 :.

I started making this in an attempt to create a map that was peaceful and pretty. The idea to create a lake map
came from my visit to the lake district in England and joining that with a place near to me, I created this map.

I took comments and suggestions from Gm_lake_v2 and worked my socks off to finish it. So here it is!



> A lake
> Rolling hills
> A calm and relaxing atmosphere
> Perfect for boats and planes
> HDR and Cubemaps
> Soundscapes
> Nice lighting and a sun entity
> 16 displacements for smoothness
> Fog
> Sand around the edge of the water
> Trees
> Rocks
> A flat area to build

Download link is at the top of the post :smiley:

Check out for updates

Looks ok, it’s just a bit bland.

This map is okay… the main problem is that it’s lacking a 3D Skybox.

Other than that, great work! :smile:

It’s very neat, I like it. But with a 3D skybox it could be great!

yeah 3d skybox would be win.
please accept my steam invitation =)

Too much green, add some dirt patches and stuff with the Paint Alpha tool.

The water texture is :barf:


Literally, that is what it looks like.

this is probably the 12th or 13th “gm_lakegrass” i got


looks good

simple but fine :smiley: Perfect for boatbuilding in gmod.

I like this, just have a bit more variation with the textures- use paint alpha.

Crap, make more detailed water

Its ok, but I get serious lag on it. And I mean, its great for what I had planned for the map, the Lag kinda messes me up though. Is it possible to optimize it more?

It lacks purpose, story and something worth that landscape. It’s pretty for the eye, but it’s annoying to build in.

That’s all I had to say, hope you take it as advice.

PROTIP: Trees grow in clusters. AKA stands. Not all evenly spaced. Also, some trees will be dying, and others dead.

Repeating textures, bland terrain, unnatural fog and major lack of trees.

Forgot to mention it !

good map