Hi, i have a lot of time on my hands at the moment because ive finnished school, and ive been inspired to make a map,
Name: Gm_LakeSide
Current Vn: v1.1

This is my first propper attempt at making a map.
Any suggestions will be greatly apprechiated.

-Hedges to make Gardens
-Episode 2 Trees
-small dock/harbor
-Random rocks
-Tunnel (Firegod)
-HDR (Firegod)
-Street Lamps
-Water texture.
-Skybox to militia skybox
-Extened road through the tunnel and out of it.
-Added car park next to houses

Credits so far:
-xixJazmaNxix(me) - Mapping.
-Firegod522 - Grass Textures, Water Textures. Map tweaking/mapping
-Firegod522 - The tunnel/Enviroment lighting(cubemaps)
-The Arbiter - Beta Testing
-Brittish.Spy - Beta Testing


this is not yet finished im still adding to it.

Nice! gotta get this map when it’s done :smiley: Keep up the good work!

Yey! first one to post :smiley:

I like the name Lake Side “Drive”. What do you think about Drive? And it looks awesome

Hey, just want to say, nice job so far and keep up the good work! But also with some constructive criticism: In my experiences with lake houses, they have been more extensive. They just look a little too plain and blocky. Maybe add a little more detail? I can’t be entirely sure since there are no close pictures of them. Maybe you could even add those. But otherwise, you are great at making outside worlds amazing! Good luck! :slight_smile:

Smoother displacements please. Split them up into sections and then select them all and edit them from there, it gets alot smoother.

Looking good so far. could use a bit more work, but defiantly looking good.

thanks for the replies, yes the houses need a lot more work, they are just there to get a general idea i will improve them soon aswell as the lake, its a bit square. i also plan to add a small village and abit more open space.

looking good jaz, now if only I had my map done…XD

The hill looks… wierd.

Only if it was a hill, I made it be the top of the tunnel itself.

Just something a bit different :slight_smile:

To be completely honest… It needs A LOT of work…

And what is the point in saying you need work?

i think he meant IT needs alot of work and yes it does thats why it is not released yet, especially the houses, i have been workin on new houses for a few days now. the lake is being removed to make way for a 4 storyu building. the lake will then be rebuilt around it with smoother displacements.

How did you make this?

Guide Please?

Arch tool.

Oops :v:

is there a guide on how to use it ?

Were can i find it ?

ask firegod he ade the tunnel after i failed many times XD theres loads of tutorials on youtube too.

ALSO new images coming up soon neew improved housing.
im workin on the hotel now which is gunna have the lake around it with a bridge for access. hotel might only have 2-3 floors.

No need to fear!
Giant fucking tutorial is here!


Fast forward to around 5:30 or so, and that is the arch tool.


Owned :v:

Oh yeah, and also, ya forgot to say who made the cubemaps… (ME!!! :D) unless that counts as environment

You need the outside world, like past the map boundaries dude.