This is my first map, enjoy.

Anything special about it? :raise:

From the looks of it, your map is constructed from less than 10 visible brushes. It doesn’t have anything remarkable about it, only severe flaws. Try to add proper lighting, more complexity and interesting features, as well as a proper skybox transition.

We know your map is a huge personal achievement, but it’s not the type of maps most people actually enjoy playing.

You have a lot to work on. Just for future reference, released maps go in the releases section.

-Textured poorly

Here use these for Tutorials:


We’ve enough of these crappy maps >:[

Ok. The most important rule when releasing maps:

Compare to other maps of the same genre that people like. Does it compare? Don’t lie.

Someone has got to sticky a guide describing what a release worthy map looks like.

You missed had, L2Type.

Yet noone cares but you.

Who cares its his first map, give him a break

As fas as criticism goes, he only had one troll-ish comment plus nine boxes thrown at him, the rest is constructive - I’d say he’s doing pretty well as it is.

If you coddle people when they make a bad first map, that will only increase their ego and make them produce a whole bunch of crappy maps with the thought that they are some kind of new found celebrity.

Its best just to make first map releasers aware of what it looks like to others, so that they can get past the initial stage and work harder, so its ok to make constructive criticism, as long as it remains that way.

ive seen much worse first maps than this. but here are some things you should work on:

  1. lighting
  2. its a build map, so it should be a lot bigger.
  3. originality, ive seen many maps similar to this one.
  4. less blocky, try to make more creative, more realistic geometry.

your on the right track though :slight_smile:

The map is gone. I hate when people remove their maps.

I wonder why.