gm_load: Couldn't decode from json!

Are we ever getting a fix for this? I mean, it’s been more than three years. Never had this issue before but now it’s bugging me, since my whole save is now unusable.

Your save file is corrupted, there’s nothing to “fix”, it cannot be “uncorrupted”.

But why do save files get corrupted so often then?

There was a bug with downloading big saves/dupes from servers, but that was fixed sometime ago, If you can reproduce it, please do tell, otherwise not much can be done.

You CAN try to attach the “bad” save file to see what’s wrong with it exactly.

It is also very much possible that one of your mods are causing your problems.
Or you are perhaps running outdated/pirated version of the game?

Well I do have a ton of mods so I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re messing with something. I had 2 corrupt saves, one had about 10 ragdolls in it, some of them with hq textures, and the other one has a fairly big amount of props.
My gmod is steam-bought and up to date also.