Gm_lonlonranch 2!

Hello all! Im back with a newer version,I thought 1 would be my final release… Well its not! lol

Lonlonranch Version 2 Features
*Higher Skybox
*More Detail
*Changeable Music
*Brighter Skybox

*Repeating Textures,wanna help me!? Rip textures from Ocarina of Time and PM me with them. Or a guide/program to rip with.

This map was brought to you by Cross the Line Productions! (CTLP)



Thank you so much for downloading,not kidding. Remember,feel free to help with materials.

Ocarina of Time Lon Lon Ranch Pictures-

Just for those who need to see,I feel that many aren’t fans of this area like me,so many marked me dumb,maby its jealousy or they think I made it up,I hope its my second idea… Ive played this,and most my friends lists and clan members,they loved it. I hope tomorrow you can all get around to trying it. =)

Use please.

'is alright.
Pretty good for a recreation, but could yous alot more detail
Rate me bad spelling, that really failed

Im sorry,im not good at this,so I cant get it to work,and I wont mark you bad spelling,im the master at that. Be detailed when you say to add more detail please.

Just a couple textures and low-detail brushes. Doesn’t seem that impressive.

Well if you play Ocarina of Time,thats the way it looks,if they looked any better it wouldn’t be like it,trust me,its a Nintendo 64 game,I can only agree on the texture part,but I did have a help needed section.

There is no point in porting a game if you aren’t going to make it look better than it did back then. It’s like the doom ports- if you want to play doom, play doom, if you want to play Ocarina of Time, play Ocarina of Time.

If your excuse of why you couldn’t make it look better is that the original didn’t look great, go look at goldeneye source.

Look at the DM_Peach’s castle map. It’s 100% the original, blocky textures and all, and people still use it. Look at the AC map, and the Pokemon map. Its called nostalgia.

Doesn’t mean you can’t put some effort into it.

Tell you what, i’ll create a series of fullbright boxes with boxy chests in and call it a fatal labyrinth map.

I totally agree,I wanted to make a map that blasted me to the good old days,the last thing I wanted was a Zelda with all source materials,then I would be upset with myself,I am just happy some people do understand.

Recreations of N64 games.
Now I have a reason to make blocky maps.

Yes you do,its called a nostalgic map. And if that’s sarcasm,please don’t comment,this is for fans of the original n64 Ocarina of Time,Lon Lon Ranch was my favorite,so I did a recreation,still not mastered,but I do love it,the changing music does wonders. =)

It’s not even that it’s blocky. Its also been badly textured with constantly tiling textures. I’m assuming this is all part of the “nostalgia”

*Repeating Textures,wanna help me!? Rip textures from Ocarina of Time and PM me with them. Or a guide/program to rip with.”

Not really, i have my own original mapping to do.

-.- I hope that was a joke,that was a quote from my main topic,at the top,here is an idea,you don’t like it,don’t download,maby one day you will like nostalgic maps,go talk bad about Peaches Castle instead. lol

I was giving my honest opinion…obviously with only 22 posts and it’s your first time in the mapping section you won’t know me or my work. Basically i give honest opinions, and if you don’t want to listen then fine.

And that wasn’t a joke, i really do have some very…original stuff of my own.

No,im sorry about that,I wasn’t doubting your mapping,I was talking about when I said “Fails-
*Repeating Textures,wanna help me!? Rip textures from Ocarina of Time and PM me with them. Or a guide/program to rip with.” that was a quote from my main topic,just high lighting that I haven’t perfected my materials lol

In my opinion. The only worthwhile ports are those that take an old game concept and remake it so it’s incredibly detailed and looks like a real-life version of the theme area.

There is no excuse for blockiness. Those games were made because that pushed the limits of their system. We’re on a different, better system. We have the capability to make much more detailed and comprehensive levels. Ignoring that is stupid, and calling your map “nostalgic” as a way out of taking time on it is a weak excuse.

Im sorry,I totally disagree with you,if I saw a Lon Lon Ranch map and it didn’t look like the old one I would be positive I wouldn’t download,but maby im that kind of person,my favorite maps are mine and that dm_peachcastle. I love the castle brings me back to the good old days,and I love to feel like im using a source weapon in a old game. Nostalgic isn’t just a lame excuse because if I wanted to I could do a lot better,but my intentions the whole time from start to finish was to finish with a nostalgic map. Sorry I cant agree with you,but I can see were you are coming from also.