"GM_Lost" Work in Progress

This is a repost of the pictures and description from over a year ago!


Ignore the ridiculous looking hills and water, that was temporary. I’m actually going to delete all that, work on all the stations until completed, and then remake all the land and what not.

From what I can tell, this was the last compile when it died:

Island overview (keep in mind, the entire island is going to be redone)


This is the current version of the orchid. I had just started working on it, and it has some serious issues all over.


This is the entrance to the swan, once you drop down the ladder.


Main swan living area (much is not seen)


Entering the computer/terminal room from one of the sides


The main view of the timer and computer. (and yes, I have permission for the computer model)


The looking glass… (it is underwater too!)


The looking glass closeup.


Also, something that is really neat, is that the swan has a complete functioning button pushing thing (if you watch lost you know what I mean) where you actually have to manually type in the code every 10 minutes, or else everything goes crazy inside the swan and you die. It’s a crazy sweet experience… I might post a video up. It also has completely functioning lockdown doors, vent access, and underground maintenance area access.

And as the stations go,

The Swan - 90% (just cleanup and minor fixes)

The Orchid - 10% (just started on it before I quit working)

The Looking Glass - 50-60%ish (needs outside work, and more added inside)

All others - 0%

Well that’s it for now!

Interior looks pretty good. The exterior looks absolutley awful. Mountains aren’t just a raised hill.

Thanks for the compliments. Also, this is why the map is only 15% done. When I’m finished they will look like actual mountains. For the moment, they’re just raised hills.

That looks like it is going to be amazing, kudos to you.

I agree with JLea, all the interiors look really good it’s just the island but like you said, that’s why it’s only 15% done.

Its looks awesome you should add the door to the looking glass.

I love the interiors.

Now put in a tornado :v:


Just joking it looks great !

can you make a version without the timer? it’s better for people who want to do posing in this and not want to fill in the code every 10 minutes.

Hasn’t someone already made a Lost map? http://www.garrysmod.org/img/?t=dll&id=10519

How did you make those displacements so smooth? Any displacements I make in hammer are always sharp. I use terrain generator because it’s easier.

even though i’ve never touched Hammer in my life, there’s your problem possibly.

I have no idea what your talking about… There is no door…

Also, I mean its really not a big deal. If you let it run it ends up with the bunker just completely being in ruins. But I might be able to figure something out.

Also, please, read all of my post. I said De_lost2 (which is that map, but thanks to some stupid ass noob, he didn’t post the real name, creator, or description.) But anyways, that map has the lost stations, but is made for CSS deathmatch, and just doesn’t feel as Lost as it should. Also, that was made before the end of season 2, so lots of stations are missing, which I plan to add. (Also, I used terrain generator to get the whole layout of the island.)

Sweet i can’t wait till it gets finished.

Also, I’ll post a vid of what the electromagnetic buildup is like in a bit. It’s totally awesome xD

(The epicness of that smiley is worth losing smartness. Damn you Garry!)

This has been fun beta testing^_^


This is one of the most awesome maps I’ve ever seen. Really good work, looks just like in the series.

Moar like alpha. :P. Also what was the -snip-?

Thanks for the comment wolf, I love nice positive comments like those :P!

Any chance of getting an update on this gorgeous map? I’m getting bored of de_lost2.

Any updates? :v:

Looks really great so far.