gm_losthorizons (WIP)

Lost Horizons is a map based in the distant future.

It is ment to have a post apocalyptic feel to it, but with a twist. It is almost 2 centuries after the destruction of the planet, where it has already rebuilt, but not everyone has the same ideals.

2 major areas to the map connected by a wasteland.

Here is the concept art of what I am working on.

The Village and City

The route to the City

Now I have not spent a lot of time yet detailing, as I am wanting to get all the main geometry in 1st, so you will see some repetitive textures at this point, but you will get the general feel for what I am going after.

I am only putting up a hand full of pics here because of their size, but I have the full development progess pics on my forums. (link at bottom of thread).


I have already built the 1st part of the map, and am currently working on the wasteland. I am not putting too much into the wasteland, it is ment to be a buffer between the village and the main city.

When I am mapping, I am usally podcasting it.


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*you can also see the map in the on demand section

Current Status (updated 5/8/2010)
Apx. 60% -

ETA: July/August

Wow it looks amazing!

Good work, can’t wait to see some more

Looks like those were screenshots from BRINK. Good ideas, though. Hopefully something comes of this.

I remember thinking about remaking that first picture. Good work so far, can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Looking pretty good so far. Could use a lot of improvement though.

First off, a lot of the details would both look and perform better as models, rather than brushwork. Maybe brush up on your 3ds max or something similar, or you could just use a program to turn the brushwork into a model (you might have already done this, I don’t know). it’ll make it look much more impressive.

The displacements could use a lot of work as well. Try to use blend textures for a more rocky cliffside look, it’s a bit odd being all one texture. If you look at your refrence, you’ll see what I mean. The shape could use a bit of tweaking as well. Add a little more variation so it doesn’t look like you just subdivided a bunch of brushes.

And lastly, the lighting probably needs the biggest improvement. It looks more like studio lighting, rather than outdoor lighting. Maybe make it more yellow, and increase the ambient value so the shadows aren’t so dark.

The ground texture is very bland and so is the lighting.

Otherwise it’s really good. Make the lighting more yellow and change the ground texture to maybe a blend texture of some sort.

At first change lighting and skybox, that will give us a bit better view of the map since it looks kinda sad

looks like it needs to be… greener

good job, cant wait to see more pictures

yea, as I said in the 1st post, I have done no lighting or detail work yet. The displacement textures are just a place holder for now. I am working on a custom detail sprite based blend.

The only lighting work I have done is directional lighting, to see where I want the shadows.

I will wait until i have all 3 sections of the map at least started befor working on lighting.

Edit: Live for a bit -


This looks GREAT so far. Keep it up!

Broadcasting for a few hours -

More pics, havnt been posting many recently, b/c of the streaming channel, but not everyone is there for that.

This is the 2nd part of the map I am working on -‘The Wastelands’ (not a fallout ref. either)



Changed support beams on the train station to look more fitting. It looked like it would top over from breeze in the previous pics.

Please fix the lighting so that the next screenshots will look at least somewhat better.

Also, turn your graphics all the way up when taking pictures.

Wow !! Very Nice !

That concept art picture makes no sense at all, even with the story.

Ever heard of something called poverty? Or are you so far stuck up your own arse you’ve never heard of it.

Chill. >>

Anyway, screenshots are looking very promising so far. You seem to have got the hang of smoothing groups, something which I’m obviously too dumb to work properly. :v: