Simple Build map

-3 Structers, 1 Garage
-2 Platforms for building
-Nice and Simple

Not bad although it’s a construct map.

Yea, I wanted to try my hand at making a simple, but profitable map. I’m better with terrain than I am with urban maps.

It would be a lot nicer with a 3d skybox.

Yes, add a skybox, and rotate the natural textures are about 10 or 15 degrees so the tiling is less visible.

Here are my thoughts:

-HDR and good lighting
-Not blocky
-In it’s own way is a really cool idea idea
-Just overall pretty cool
-Small (from looking at the pictures)
-Lack of 3d skybox
-Buildings are a bit eh and could use some work

Overall it is really good and have my download!

I will add a 3D skybox. I did feel the buildings could be improved though.

There are too many of these, I was even working on one at one point just because everybody else was. Your texture blending is very blocky.

Define “blocky”.

No special decoration in the buildings, a bit bare.

You were talking about the blend texturing when you said blocky.

I like this map a lot. I built a boat and flew around the map until crashing into the water thus causing many issues.

I do suggest a skybox, which would improve it, none the less I like this map better than most of the other garbage you see that is “original”

Its awsome.

A bit more detail would be nice though
I mean there isn’t much to look at

I am planning on mapping a V2 when I learn a few tricks. I promise it will be much nicer.