[release]After a painstaking four hours work, my “day” project is complete.

I recreated Blast Club, one of my favorite levels from Marble Blast Ultra. I made the brushwork from scratch, and ported the textures directly from the game. Suprisingly, the skybox was the worst part of it, since it was being so cocky.

I may release a texture pack if people want it enough.[/release]


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Currently on Toybox and Steamworks, is being cocky


Neat, Toybox is down. It’s on Steamworks if you have the beta though.

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Holy shit I loved that game, that’s awesome.

I always wondered how the MBU maps would look in source.

Holy shit gamedev one year older than you yet 1000 times better than me :pwn:

It’s just a few brushes with a custom texture on it though.

The skybox was a bitch for the most part, this was just a test to see how easy the recreation of a level could be; Blast club was one of the smaller levels.

Also toybox is back up

If i tried to do it i would find a way to fuck it up

Marble Blast Ultra?
Pff. Marble Blast Gold masterrace.

Man, someone’s got to make a gamemode for this.

[tab]we are[/tab]

I remember this game was pretty fun back in the day, I miss those good old days

When I sold my xbox I was glad that I did, but this thread reminded me of Marble Blast Ultra and how much fun I had in that game. Good job with the map btw.

Geez MBu was so much fun. Anyone have marble blast gold?