gm_masseffectcitadel - Version 1!

This is my first released version of a version of the Mass Effect’s Presidium I made.

** This is not meant to be an exact replica.**

** There are several Episode 2 foliage props in the map. That’s all. Everything else is pakratted**


Media Dump:

Download Link can be found here:

** Also a HUGE thanks to Aspen for the sexy textures you see before you! He made all the textures you see in there - not me! Cheers man! **

** I would appreciate any feedback on any bugs, glitches etc as I may fix it up and release a version two in the future. **

Cheers for reading, and I hope you enjoy my first release!

Very nice work.

Throwing this up on my server right now (while I wait for a slow dude in Frozen Synapse). Great work, man.

Wow, very well done there buddy.

Thanks for sharing.

Was hoping it would be…shinier. and more glow-y.

It’s actually very shiny once you get up-close. It’s just hard to see in them small screenshots. :frowning:

How do you mean more glow-y?

Wow, for your first map this is excellent. Very good representation of the council chamber. Maybe throw up some alternative lighting like yellow or red, but otherwise very good first attempt.

When you plan on the V2 of the map, if you have ME1, take screenshots and try to create some textures so its more similar to the Bioware version. also look at some other maps with advance features and stuff. Great looking map, posting here since the administrators of removed the other comment system. 4 out of 5 for the map.

I do indeed have ME1, but I didn’t make any of these textures. Aspen made these textures. I tried ripping from the game but of course I suck at it and can’t figure out how. That’s why the textures arn’t exact as you’d see in ME1.

I have some new ideas set up for V2 already, and I’m beginning work.

Why exactly is the entire map gray out? i’ve never played Masseffect 1.

Looks weird like that imo.

Does the original lack this much color? This map is so…grey.

I made textures very similar to the ME ones. they did not align properly to the cylindrical sections.

Dude, please, make more parts of the Citadel. This is extremely well done, especially for a first release.

Amazing brushwork. :buddy:

The original is actually quite dark in some areas,

There’s an image of part of it. As you can see it’'s quite dark and quite grayscaled besides the pink-leaved trees and some lights on the stairs.

Looks good, man. If you wanted to use textures from the game, you can just use umodel to extract them. Could bring a lot more color into the map. Besides that though, its spot on.

You might want to try creating a texture just of the circular areas with a large texture. Some map makers did this with some good results.

I havent played Mass Effect 1, but I do have Mass Effect 2. The Citadel is a basic grey with a chrome finish to it ingame. Alot of things in Mass Effect Universe are shine to begin with. The Wards(Wings of the Citadel) are about the same with the exception of the massive and abundant holographic ads and signs. Its just how it translates into a map.bsp file for HL2. If a L4D2 map maker makes a Citadel campain, it might have the glow and bloom like the Bioware game.

That really cool!!!

Just hit 200 downloads in less than 24 hours, holy shit! I’m quite proud of that. Just so you guys know I’m working on V2 as we speak!

Looks really cool, my criticism is to just work on the lighting. In Mass Effect it has alot more variance with a purple-ish ambient and yellowish spotlights.