I’m remaking the Citadel/Presidium from ME1.

Bare in mind this is not meant to be an exact replica.

Got some decent content before startin’ the thread:

C&C on everything.

You should make the little open garden area and the displacements under the platform and everywhere else. I think you’d have the models and materials for that in ep2 and maybe alien swarm has some tree models. Something to work with!

Sex has been posted. Indeed.

Funnily enough I started adding these in around 10 minutes before I posted the thread. New screenshots coming soon!

Wow pretty cool looking! I can’t do brushwork nearly that good

Major update. Added images to OP

C&C would be nice. Cheers.

Probably some of the best brushwork I’ve seen in a while. Nice job.

Thanks mate :slight_smile:

Also updated OP with newer images.

I think there are too many lights, i believe the citadel used more artificial light or a sun. Check this picture to see what i mean. Click

Still i haven’t played mass effect in awhile but i don’t think it had that many lights as i remember it being slighly dark or atleast dull in most areas.

It’s a possibility I could remove some and move the env_light, brighten it up a little too. Would give more natural light. Thoughts?

Well it seems there is a slant in the roof and wall it’d seem if you got a good light_environment and messed around with the lightmaps you could get some decent lighting i’d try to spread the light a bit on the ground though as hard shadows might not look that good on such a long area. Once you get some good lighting i’d only place light_spots and such in the main areas that need some more lighting kinda in the same way you have it just alot less leaving the side pathways less lit meaning the area under the arches.

Easier said than done so good luck with it may take multiple compiles to get it right.

amazing brushwork

Holy shit this is amazing. I can imagine all the neon lights and glowing stuff errywhere!

The level looks very flat. You need to boost the illusion of height. Add some walkways (accesible or otherwise) and open up the vertical space. I never played mass effect but I’d imagine thats the feel you’re going for.

I would add walkways, but then it wouldn’t be very close to the original copy. I want to have it close, but not an exact replica.

Guess there was alot of lights in the original… kinda a waste they don’t see to be lighting anything but the wall.

I should add in those areas with the grass, shrubs trees & rocks.


its about goddamn time someone made a mass effect map

Looks good so far.