This is the first public version and still very much a WIP. Also this is my first map :slight_smile:

There are many known texture issues as well as an areaportal issue.

I want the harshest possible yet constructive feedback you can provide.

What do you like? what is just stupid? When you turned down that one hall, what would you like to have seen there instead of an orange wall?

All good comments will be considered and very likely put into the next version.

-Thank you for your time, enjoy!

More content in the OP please.


Not really, we need pictures and stuff like that.


ok thank you. this is my first time posting on facepunch so please ignore my ignorance.

There are a few on that link but i will also post some more.

Read all the interlopers tutorials and then take a fresh look at your map.

I have looked through their site and their tutorials on areaportals are the only reason this map stopped becoming a dream.

Yet it is still very much a WIP as stated earlier.

You have obviously seen something that did not meet your standards, would you please discuss what could be improved?

Well, on the the upside, you have lighting, makes a change for most new mappers, erm, good water, not the cheap shit, for all of your lights, have them coming from a source, lamp, lightbulb etc etc. Better than most first maps though.

The map appears to be very large but devoid of detail. It also doesn’t seem to stick to any sort of solid theme, you mix between flags, stone bricks and smaller bricks. You also have areas with light, but no sources and textures that tile noticeably.

This map is not really in a releasable state. I’m sure it is playable, but it needs to have the polish added.

[looks at the name of the board and understands its for complete maps…this map is not complete…head to desk]

Thank you for those comments. The theory behind the map is to leave you unsettled in the maze part. Branching off from the main maze will be different sections of the map that each require a different set of logic to complete. Because of this desired juxtapose, I do not want to keep to a texture set.

Looking through the map again, i notice that many areas have odd matching textures- this will be addressed in the next version.

-Thank you again for your comments. They are incredibly helpful.

Looks a bit like a quake map. The source engine can handle a fair bit of detail, so go crazy.

The second public version is out if anyone cares

Those shapes are sick. Gimme.

Hmm… I don’t have anything to add on what’s already been said (lightbulb/etc models should be used, and tilerape textures should be made bigger or replaced). I like the look of this, keep going!

sorry to be critical, i know this is something small, but the fact that you name it v3 and v4 refers to the fact that they are the third and fourth revision of the completed versions… It should technically be something like v0.3 and v0.4 and to show that they are a wip

Hammer does not allow files to have periods in the name otherwise i would.

Infact with the version i am working on now, i have scrapped the name maze and added beta infront to indicate a wip