ok, so im a bit new to hammer (but not FP i lurk a lot :ghost: )
I’m working on a museum type of large building that’s going to have a roof sitting area type thing, a field and a lake.

so today i just finished textureing the roof sitting area thing.

:siren: this is a WIP :siren:


please give some criticism :dance:

Humm, For a new person at hammer, It looks quite good, Little bit blocky and the spacing of the stairs could be worked on but good

Great start for a newbie. Use some displacements and blend textures in the grass and make it more interesting.

yeah, i was thinking about displacing the field lower that everything else and adding stairs to walk down.

Looks like a nice start, keep up the good work.

And add Dinosaurs if you didn’t plan this already.

Add a light_environment, and it will become much more awesome

Thanks for the ideas, guys. Do you think that the wood textures on the roof should be saturated more?