gm_MineField (gm_abandoned arena wip name)

ITS FINALLY HERE! After so many set backs I can finally release this map.

gm_Mine Field is a episode 2 based arena map that can be used for anything from hosting sports matches to machinima.

Here is a trailer video:


(the release date in the video is before mw2 came out, its also the reason for the delay)

Credits: myself, and the great people at Valve for providing the look that I stive to achieve.

Thanks to Half-Health for helping to play-test and helping me learn how to map.


There are still a few FPS optimization errors but please bear with me: this is my first release map.

Not bad… I’m downloading

Nice job, Since the wip.


Its a pitty I dont have EP2, but as soon as I it get again I’m fucking downloading this map.

poos himself
Been waiting for this for so long.
fanboy squeal

Very nice indeed

No problem with the mapping help, just wish I had been more helpful about all that optimization stuff :stuck_out_tongue:


are you serious? :geno:

I want to make another trailer or something for this :v:

Your first release? Good job :dance:

What? No need to rate me dumb for not having EP2 dude.

Yes he has all the right since you apparently hellen keller’d the sale on episode 2.

Im making the scary radio SENT for my save (that scary TV found in anticitizen one).
Good map well, i cant give a score, because its soo much for one post.

Thanks for all the support everyone. I have a few new projects in the works as a follow up to this map here. Heres a screenshot of one of them:

Wow amazing map, it really looks great and looks like an official HL2 DM map from Valve. Also is this your first release? If so damn fine job, damn fine.

I dont get what you mean with that but w/e dude, my EP2 DvD got fucked up, so I’m gonna wait till I get some cash or for the Orange Box to get cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

What i mean is Steam had a fantastic deal on episode 2 a few weeks ago for like $5.

The problem is that I dont stick to my pc 24/7 and sometimes I miss the nice deals :frowning:

Am I really the only one who noticed the Lost reference?

I have a problem :confused:
The lighting for me is ALOT brighter then you’r video shows. ALOT. BLINDLY LIGHTED.
And that watch tower (the combine one) Has a purple tone :confused:

Anyone else experiencing this?

I can see myself posing on this map.



Maps with no icons annoy me.


Yeah I’m getting this problem.

purple checkerboard tone? if it is then that means you need to do a build cubemaps. I don’t remember placing any cubemaps around it. I will for the version 1.4 If you have a problem with the brightness just turn on your HDR override in gmod and turn it down, again for version 2 I will be changing the HDR substantially.

for version 1.4 I am going to fix the bugs that everyone has found as well as the ones I’ve found as well.

Does anyone want a gmod deathmatch arena with buildings and obstacles in the center of the arena?? Speak up because if I get enough requests I will make it. If not I have other maps to finish.