A simple map similar to gm_construct and this map is very simple and small. This map will possibably will not lag you at all because this map is really small. There might be a bug if you spawn doors but if this bug exists, I do not know how to fix this bug so if you know how, you can contact me!


This map credit goes to SmexyLarry for making the map!
Please thank 3kliksphilip for helping me with hammer errors I had problems with making this map a .bsp file!
Please thank ViralHatred for helping me with the light problems I have been having.

Go and subscribe him at his youtube account!

If you wish to make this map a .vmf file using the Map Decompiler, and if you wish to edit, you may but you must ask me for
the permission from me and you may contact me at
or at!

I am usually on youtube a lot so you can contact me there with ease.

Thank you for downloading me and put this in garrysmod/garrysmod/maps and you are ready to go

If you find any bugs, please contact me!

You don’t have permission to edit this file!

thats what it tells me on when i click your link. Try to log out then search your file and put the link here.

Thank you for your comment, now I have fixed my facepunch thread! It should work now!

your link still doesn’t work, bud.

Here is the correct link,


Also I’m The First Download :buddy:

This really should go in mapping/releases. But on the other hand it shouldn’t. Folks there are quite tired of fullbright construct remakes, and they very much dislike 3kliksphilip’s tutorials. With good reasons, I might add, for both counts.

You need to add a light_environment, I’ve added you to MSN, and will help you on there if you’d like :slight_smile:

Just when I thought there couldnt be worse maps…

thank you for your download!


well my thread link in the download was not working but i meant that I fixed that, i dont know how to fix the link IN the thread, this is my first upload so please help me through! Thank you guys for your very helping advices! do you know how to fix it? I tried to put your link but its still a plain link. I want to make it like a button like yours!

why do we need more construct maps? oh wait, ** we don’t **

I always need more.

Fixed :eng101:


And I guess he deleted the map on the website.

I have fixed the download now, you can go back now and try downloading it, sorry i had to do this, i had to update my upload!

gm_miniconstruct FIXED
*Better lightmap
*Bigger skybox

more updates coming soon!

Dude, learn your damn links.