There may or not be some issues with this map.
It works completely fine on my end, but some people have been reporting “missing texture” textures in the reflections. Of course none of them post screenshots, so I was hoping facepunch could help with these issues, as I am a mapping novice.

Sorry, but more screenshots than that would have been perfect, I’m just saying. If you’d have just posted that in, say, the map pimpage thread, I’d have no idea as to why you just posted a retexture of gm_construct. I literally thought this was a scaled down version, until I realised it was just a more claustrophobic version :v:

But, hey, it looks pretty good. Could you include more of your screenshots next time? Thank yee :3

There are images on the workshop.

Um. It’s a 2.5MB download. Couldn’t you download the map and actually play it to see how it is? I hate cluttering up the OP with pictures, it looks messy, and personally I’m not trying to pimp out my map.

Really I just wanted to have a place for people to tell me if there are bugs in the reflections or not.

I like this little map, It kind of reminds me of some of the old gm_constructs.

I now know that, but still, I had to actually go and search for the images. Many others probably just go “What’s this? Oh, it’s probably nothing” if they don’t see anything

Just to sate my own curiosity, did you run buildcubemaps before releasing the final map version?

Btw, try to avoid talking to people like that. Being that way in the grown-up business world won’t work.

I definitely did. I explicitly remember uploading a version that hadn’t had cubemaps built, and then had to buildcubemaps and reupload again.

You’re right, I know I shouldn’t talk to people like that. I need to learn not to let comments like that get to me, lest I be left jobless and homeless for being a massive butthead to people. :frowning:

You mean the old old gm_constructs? wow, I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for enjoying my map! ^^