GM_MirrorCity_v3 (Map WIP)

This is my 3rd and final installment of my city and this one will be different from the other since it wont be surrounded by water, and won’t be surrounded by blocky buildings both in the map and the 3d skybox.

NOTE: This map is in no intent of having similar architecture of Mirrors Edge, it has the name MirrorCity because I couldn’t think of any other name for a city but to also try and make a better version of it.

I will provide a download link below if anyone wants to test it out. You may notice a load of grassy areas, these will be populated by houses, shops, not too detailed because this is a sandbox map and not an RP map. It was my first idea to make an RP map but I would only have done so if it was involved in some sort of competition like ‘In a City’ competition or something.

I know this looks like a pretty map with good looking skyscrapers and stuff, I will try and keep to the city environment a bit more than the predecessors.

Anyway enough talk, here are some screenshots and a download to my map![/THUMB]

some buildings are nice. they’re sleek. but they lack anything that pops out, really. like reflections or cool gimmicks, like exterior lighting.

you keep pumping these maps out like no tomorrow. please try to apply more effort. fun for helicopter building, though.

put an env_cubemap in there and buildcubemaps in engine. those textures, or at least the ones i see, were specifically designed to be shiny.

Did you fix the odd shiny textures becoming Purple and Black checker borded after exiting the water thing?