gm_mitte and gm_piianpolku


Baby’s first map! An unmöbliert apartment set in the Mitte district of Berlin! Based off an actual street in Berlin, I spent over a week working on this.

I hope you enjoy!


“Rantakylässä peruskuntoinen rivitalon päätyhuoneisto 2h, k, s 59,5 m². Autokatospaikka kuuluu huoneistoon. Ympärillä luonnon rauhaa ja hiljaisuutta, pihamaa ilta-aurinkoon. Tule ja ihastu.”

A charming Finnish bungalow set in the wilderness. Not much else to say.

It’s furnished, and even comes with a sauna! Admittedly, though, natural environments aren’t my strong suit, and the surrounding forest is pretty lackluster in my opinion.

Either way, I hope you enjoy it! Good for Source Filmmaker and comics!

The only reason I’m uploading two at once is because I just found out how to upload maps after already making one, and I don’t want to make a second thread. I’ve pakratted the materials and models, but if any content is missing, please let me know!

What is the point of the lights in the first picture if they dont even cast light

It’s set during sunset, hence the orange glow. I added the lights for decor. There’s still enough light to see without warranting turning them on

That light doesn’t look like it’s coming from outside via the window though, it just looks like it’s coming from the middle of the room.
Try putting Quadratic to 0 and Linear or Constant to 1 for a more natural light and mess around with the brightness, video below shows how linear and constant work

Looks nice, glad you got it working! For the future, ambient lights like sunset would look good right at the windows instead of the center of the room. Check out Constant/Linear/Quadratic and set your lights to Constant to make it seem like natural light. The default settings are good for actual lamps and stuff but they leave a bright circle around them.