I’m new to mapping and wanted to make a map and forums user propane started to map with me too and we came up with the idea of making a house based on forums super moderator MonkeyJoeBla.

MJB Pool of Cool~~

As you can see its really early in production

hi im working on this to

Way better than the new maps been posted here!

Wow, this map looks very promising, and very good. You’re quite talented and I’d like to see it finished.

custom models custom textures

its a good map

Looks incredible so far, keep up the good work!

It’s the ship content…

and I don’t know why you people say it’s so good?
Look at the textures which are totally unaligned.

You need to work a bit on your texture alignment. By that I mean, use the face editing tool to align the edges of the textures with the edges of the brush faces on which they are placed.

Very nice use of spotlights in the pool. However, you might want to use dome shaped models for the light fixtures themselves.

Also, in the third screenshot, one of your brushes seems slightly off. It might be placed one or two units in the wrong direction.

Thank you Zyx…
And the images are too big to easily see. Please resize them. :confused:

After posting the screenshots I saw the texture thingy and the brush being off

i think they mean for a beginner map

By the way, you have an estimated release date?

this looks just like my real house a good recreation