[release][tab]Name:[/tab] gm_mobenix_v01

[tab]Version:[/tab] 01

[tab]Description:[/tab] Construction Area - Propremover - Bowling - Flatgrass - Gman - Startroom + Minigame

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod + CSS ( for some materials)

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]

this is gm_mobenix_v01 made by SPK and MaZz3.

Its the first version and it will be updated.

Mainly we wanted to create a construct map, with enough space for 16 players and a good performance. And, well, we have enough space :slight_smile:

The map consists of 3 parts:
**Start Room: **
-Player spawns in elevators
-6 doors to 6 different points over the whole map

Construct Part:
-Construct Buildings
-Big Construct Hall
-Bowling Center

**Flatgrass: **
-gigantic free space
-gigantic pool :slight_smile:

You need Counter-Strike: Source to see some textures and models.
So don’t post that you have problems with some textures…these are the CSS materials.

Here are a few screens:
Startroom, behind evaerydoor is a different beamer to a location of the map…
Construct area…
The Propremover…

For more screens look here:


Offroad Race with round counter and many many other very cool features!!!
The file contents some screens!**

Have fun :slight_smile:

Nice Map, like The PropRemover.
Got my download

Looks good, I’ll try it out in a bit.

Wow, this map is really good. Just installed it and checking it out. I particularly like the starting lobby.

Holy Shit! This is great :D!! I look foward to seeing version 2!

Mapping kinged

where to put all this? OMG

Awesome. This could be my server’s new GM_CONSTRUCT! Let’s hope there isn’t anything in it that can be horribly abused.


Why X?


Also, they may have installed steam on a other place.
Write this to the people instead:

sounds cool, i might have to download it

X means any drive letter…

Uh… question. Why is there a prop remover in the map??

Can you please make a version without the prop remover? It laggs me. Thanks in advance.

Holy crap! Winner!

I absolutely love the disco. I like the song on the switchboard to the very left.

It’s just for beeing there :slight_smile: And it looks good!

And sorry, we’ll not compile a version without PropRemover…

For quickly removing large contraptions, I would assume.

Also because it just looks smexy :q:


Crud, I just noticed that you need CSS.:frowning: I don’t have CSS. Nuts.:crying:

CS:S Is now only $19.00.
Plus i got it in the valve complete pack. :smiley:

Yes we’re sorry, but if we implement these materials the map would get bigger and bigger…

Looks awesome! Love the the thought of a new Construct.
I’m downloading it:D