[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gm_Mobenix_v2

[tab]Version:[/tab] v2

[tab]Description:[/tab] Construct map with Forest, Racingarea und many Funy Features

[tab]Requirements:[/tab] Gmod V 10

[tab]Download:[/tab] [/release]


Texture Fix Now available Download:

(If you have no texture-errors you NOT need this)

Hey Gmod Community,

Maybe you still remember the first version of our map gm_mobinx_v01 we released half a year ago.

We have promised you a second improved version with many new features and better performance.
We have kept our promise. Since previous gm_Maps only fulfilled its purpose, of course you could build on them, but they were never beautiful, we have thought
We just make a map, which combines everything: fulfilling purpose, but beautiful.
This map combines the many different facets of Gmod in one and is thus the ultimate multiplayer.

You start in a marble room from there to your destination Select. There are 8 doors, each of which leads to a certain part of the Map:

Start Room:
-TicTacToe game


  • Remover
  • Lane
  • Disco
  • Gman
  • Black/White And Color Room
  • Toilet
  • Halls, buildings
  • Underground-Hall
  • Water
  • Garages

Flat Grass:

  • Skeletons for Phx 4x4 drives
  • Hotel
  • Tower with a lift
  • Free-space

Off-road racing circuit:

  • Rounds Counting System
  • NPC opponents
  • Garages
  • Vehicle Spawn house

Other features:

  • Forest Area
  • Easteregg
  • enough water
  • enough opportunities for Poser
  • on the whole map NPC Nodes placed
  • sky has moving clouds
  • taxi station in every part of the map

Those who are still not convinced it can be so again at the video, a picture says we know, more than a thousand words, so what says
a video?

Watch here:

It is to say that the map runs completely without EP2 and CS:S, all models were included in the bsp (hence the enormous size)

Spezial THX to:

RedPuma : made the Egg Model
Coopa : Beta Tester, Beta server Hoster
Mephisto : Beta Tester
Timme : Beta Tester
Sasha41857 : Beta Tester
Computer22 : Beta Tester
Kuno86 : made the Taxi Model

And here some snapshots:

**Server Pilsbunker **

Great map!
Downloading now. :slight_smile:

I liked V1, I know I’ll like this one. Testing now :slight_smile:

P.S. The snapshots link returns error 403

YAY V2!!! I <3 'ed V1

Do you have flash player ???


I loved mobenix one, so i see no reason that 2 will be awesome :). Good job on both maps, you’ve reached the pinnacle of construction maps, and maybe all maps. I love the custom car, the race track AMAZING. The NPC cars are fun to race and actually a challenge. The mere fact that you got them working is outbloodystanding.

The hall with the battery power is genius You really get the feel from this map that you’ve finished it, then thought, why not add this, and this, and this. There are so many new ideas in this map, the taxi for instance, has never been done before, yet you have managed it with no problems. Brilliant map, it should be included with GMod on purchase.

Possibly the best map in the history of mankind. :excited:

Jesus christ

I need a link to the smilie-database D:

oh…my heart…today I was just playing v1 when i thought " I wish v2 would come out soon" and now it happened…wow thank you!

This is a great map, but I have a problem, sometimes when I walk around or enter a building, its spawns me back at the start room.

Edit: solved my problem, I was stepping on the 0 tiles. I’ll say it again, this map is awesome!


HOORAY! Mobenix is my favourite build map!



Wait a minute…

Does it need Ep1/2??? Because if it does :argh:

no, It not need ep1 only gmod10 :slight_smile:

I want it so bad but for some reason I got banned from


Wiat, didn’t see mirror 2 there. :smiley:

Amazing map!

You, sir, may have made the greatest construction map ever. If only there was such thing as the Double Epic Star of Nazi Protection Rating.

Finally! I had always wanted this map!! 1 billion mapping king for you!(just joking)
EDIT: How big is this map anyway? From what I see in the youtube video, its freaking huge!

Damn this map! It made my keyboard sticky…

Does it still have the Noughts and Crosses board? If it doesn’t… I’ll call the society of Noughts and Crosses onto you! :argh: