Hey guys!

I finished the Gm_Modern_House map, finally.

Took me about 10-12 hours to do in total. It is mainly for eyecandy, way too small for anything else sorry.

To be honest, I think it sucks really bad. I believe that I could have done better… :-\

Here are some pics for ya.

Download link.


Sgt. Sickness: Materials, Models.

TopHATTwaffle: 3D Skybox.

Bubz Optimistic: Advice.

Shing Ming: Advice.

Looks pretty good, could have used some cleaner glass textures. Good job.

That’s damn sexy, just fix a few minor things and it would be perfect!

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Lovin’ this map.

Looks really good, I’ll make sure to download it when I get back to my dad’s next week.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:

Gonna start work on V2 tommorow or thursday :slight_smile:

Okey i recommend 2-3 things , remove the crashed cars and truck , finish the outside wall and maybe add tunnel acess to both sides of the road .
Cause as an eyecandy map maps like these are great for machinimas

I agree with you there. The scenery is nice and the map is one of those sexy looking ‘smart homes’. But, it is blocky and lacks detail. The house is just a few square shaped brushes put together. Same with the pool. Your window’s and the overall scenery are the only nice features. Though, I am not sure why you have massive boulders in the back garden. But hey, if that is what you like, then I guess that’s alright. I suggest chopping your house up a bit more and adding outside detail to the house. Supports, Pipes, Ledges, ETC… Also, I could be wrong but it looks like those window’s down have window frames? If so, suggest you look into fixing that. As a window cannot be in place without a window frame.

are you using light_spot?

I got missing textures from this map, was there some materials i needed to get?

Doesn’t look like it suck to me. This can produce some nice poses. Got my download.

Same here, the reflections are all missing.

Welp, I know what he’s going to be doing with it.

Looks really nice, I will download it later.

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glass texture is missing for me

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and the side of the stairs

Ok. Thanks for the tips, Will try to implement them into V2.

Ok, about the frame, my thinking was that the window texture itself has the frame, so I’ll just use that. But if it doesn’t look right then I shall fix it.


I did pack the map but obviously it didn’t pack properly, I will try with a few other problems and will see what the results are.

Makes me think of a custom Sims house.

From the pictures, it llooks way to open and larger than it should be. It also seems emptyue to the open space.

Sadly, most maps now and days don’t compare much to what I used to see in this.

I’d suggest to take some time and look up house designs if you plan to make any more.

Yes, give it a real frame. Also, since it’s a smart home, do a better design for the pool. Something like this would really suite:

Yes for posing. What are you going to use it for?

Ps! And no missing textures. The map works fine here.

Ok, that looks epic. Will try to include that, and will fix the frame.

bleeeh u dummies saying the windows have missing textures type “mat_specular 0” and done windows fixed
my only complain about this map is the entrance i suggest to remove the truck and the car crashed