A modern house meant to rival the one that was on the front page.

Features 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a utility room, an obligatory man-cave, and a pool, as well as a clean-cut lawn. Also includes a massive and gorgeous 3d skybox for your viewing pleasure.

Everything’s packed. No games required except Garry’s Mod.

Big ups to:
Im Not Meow Meow
And Batnutz/Husky/Whatever the fuck your name is now, for the (almost clean) competition.

I double-checked to make sure all content was included, unlike someone we know.
Requires nothing except GMod and of course a basic Source Game.

and of course. the view.

Thanks for looking.

Oh yeah.
Here’s the download link.


Great job- love the skybox. :smile:

awesome dude its great to see a nice map that doesnt require css

snip for respect

ITT: Daniel looks like a douche

He claims to be 17, but I don’t believe it. 14, maximum.
Who cares what Aspen looks like, he made an excellent map.

snip for respect

Now Batnutz did get owned, but Aspen, you are still a dick :stuck_out_tongue:

he removed firegod as well.
large amounts of butthurt.
butthurt with a huge amount of butthurt on the side.

What exactly is the back story here? I can’t figure out what why there’s so much drama.

Nice map indeed. Good work!

From what I see, batnutz is raging because aspen made a better map than him.

actually, yes. he raged at me because he showed me a pic of a god-awful waterfall that he made, trying to imitate me. i told him it was ugly and he flipped his shit, telling me that i think im better than him [sp](I am)[/sp] and that i act all high and mighty because i think my waterfalls are awesome [sp](which they are[/sp]

then he goes on raging at me on how he’s the better mapper, acts like a butthurt fag.
i made this map to dethrone his awful front-page holder sorry and blocky excuse for modern architecture.

now he’s back.
with backup in the form of a cheap 11 year old douche who claims to be 17 from new zealand.
so scared.

post the waterfalls side by side

maybe if batnutz does it. i lost the link (fortunately, it made me want to hang myself). here’s mine.

his was a blob of the default blue EP2 waterfall particle with the worst lighting and displacements i have ever seen.

Is the picture of his not in your internet history?

already looked for gyazo, imgur, and imageshack.
still looking. gimme a little bit.

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while i find it, have some quality comedy gold

hahaha, he is his only member

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this is the best part

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buy shirt with map pl0x

lold hard
so much wasted money and time

I think he needs a bigger ego