Welcome to Mogcean. GM_Ocean redefined. There is a spawn plate now, there are also other plates that you may dock on etc. The map is much bigger than gm ocean. But the water isn’t as deep.

This is V2. If you have any requests please post here.


Apprently the pics aren’t showing in the thread. A little help please?

Because underwater is content.

I don’t have anything to say about this map, because there isn’t really anything to say.

It’s a lil’ bit different that other “flat” maps. You shouldn’t bother making a few brushes and posting the effects of your “work” on FP.

The pic aren’t showing because it appears you have tried to html them in. Put them in image tags.

Just interested…what features does v2 have that v1 didn’t? This seems like another half arsed mapping attempt.

Well actually, v2 is a little bit inmproved than v1. Overall they are the same, I now realize they dont really deserve the v1 or v2 numbers.

there really isn’t much to base from in the pictures from

Well, im basing an rp map off of a ocean idea.