GM_Mohawkminimart WIP


An abandoned Mini Mart in the middle of nowhere.
Recreated in Garry’s mod for your entertainment.

Based of this image, I created the area and the mini mart.

So about 3 or 4 weeks worth of mapping has gone into this.
Originally it was a long road with nothing on it. But I visted the referance image thread and put this on it.
Most of this is me testing colour correction, soundscapes and other detailing effects. But it grew into a bigger project.
It has a few custom textures in it, just for the signs. They are pretty average because I took them from actual pictures of the place.

Not all the images are up to date with the latest version
Overall image: (Jalopy not included)

From the side:

Second floor Interior:

First Floor:

Back Side:

Road and Displacement:

Basement (Needs work… a lot of work)

End side:

Bridge and sewer thing:
What happens when Mendelevius gets a hold of an empty map.

The map is AI ground noded, so fast zombies will jump on and off the roof to chase you or something else down. Great fun. Try it. I dare you. :mmmsmug:

I’d love you know what you think, what I can fix up and anything else before I release.

ToDo: Better quality sign textures.
And if anyone can make a better sign material, mine is pretty average.

Map- Me
Materials - Me also
Pictures (Big thanks guys, they are awesome) - Matt Astr, Nic and Mendelevius
Jukebox - L4D2/ Valve
Song - The Chords - Sh-boom

And last but not least, the download link.

youre right, it needs work.
also, turn your graphics up when you take screenshots.

with that said, it doesnt look all bad, its a nice start, i can see why you decided to show it off at this stage.


i can point out a couple things you could work on if you want it.

My friend took the screenies, I’ll tell him to do that when I update the map a lil’ bit.

Is that a 3d skybox? Cause if it is, you should make it blend better with the edges of your map.

Looks nice, I’d suggest turning the detail up though.

@MacHad I just whipped up a quick skybox. I’ll make it bigger and have a bigger fog length.
@Leon Already said that my friend took the pics ,unless your talking about a specific detail of the map? If so what part?

Try changing the white lights inside to a yellow or tan color

Work on your displacements, they look gross.

I think it looks pretty good, I look forward seeing more when you work on the basement.

Some of the textures are badly stretched or sized wrong. Other than that it looks good. Make sure to change settings to high when taking screenshots, it’s already been said but can’t be stressed enough.

Wow, great work on the house. However, the displacements could be better.

As people have said, the displacements need work. If you want to make cliffs make extra displacement brushes rather than using the ground displacement. Also, try to vary the texture and make the tiling less obvious.

@Displacements, Might completely redo them (On one side) because I screwed it up to start up with. Nothing would sew because they are all wrong sizes.

@Graphic, settings As I said before for the people who read them, I Did
take the pictures. My friend did.

And the lights originally were yellowish. I’ll take a look at different settings.
Thanks for responses guys.

I have been looking for something like this for a long time. Cant wait for this.

I can easily say you almost perfectly replicated the original.
I really like the overall theme of it too.
Maybe try to make it look a bit more abandonded and run down. It still looks a tad bit too “good” for what it’s replication, but that is purely opinion I suppose.

Wow! Thanks a lot guys! I’ll finish in early October cos I’m gonna try enter the Midnight riders Contest. So See you after that.

Zombie Strider, why did you say you wernt better than me at mapping? Obviously you could’ve easily beaten me on making a map for giablo…

You need some AA.

Well… this was a weeks worth of mapping. And the actual displacement and road was a separate project altogether, so I just combined those.
And I had no reason for this map. Mapping without reason is fun :buddy:

It was just practice. After seeing your map I was in awe and went to visit the reference image thread and just build on what was there.
When I am mapping for a reason I get mappers block every half hour. Like the Giablo map of mine. That’s why that one turned out so bad.

Also anyone got any ideas for the basement? I have a poisonous area at the moment but it can be so much more.

P.S Working displacement now.

Zombie, I love you. :smiley: