Gm_mount2 broke my gmod

So i decided to try this thing to save some space in my HD, i dld via SVN and instaled w/ no problems.

then i started the game, mounted the games i wanted to mound, re-started then i loaded ins_sinjar for testing, but then i crashed by a vertex error. So far no problems…

Now i loaded another INS map(dont remember witch)then i notice something bizzare: ALL my Spawnlists, gone, even the one that came w/ gmod(Useful comic props for instance)

Then i went to the browser, spawned a few stuff, then i crashed for some reason and now gmod refuses to get to the mainmenu:

Engine Error:
Unable to load surface prop file
'scripts/surfaceproperties/surfaceproperties_phx.txt (referenced by manifest file ‘scripts/surfaceproperties_manifest.txt’)

ps: before the first crash, everything was fine


Restart steam

got it fixed, restarted my computer and now it seems to work fine