Gm_mount2 help

Hey I’ve downloaded gm_mount2 but after reading the readme I still can’t seem to get it working could anyone give me some better instructions?

Drop it into your maps folder maybe? Or what is it? ;l You could altleast give us some info.

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Oh nvm, I read what it is, but you should place it in some folder. Like you have to do it for perp too, sometimes (gm_bass)

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Could you post the readme here? Into a


Download and install the MSVC 2010 Restributables x86 (not x64!!!) first:
Run setup.exe and select your <steam>/steamapps/<username>/garrysmod/ folder
copy everything within /garrysmod/* to your Steam/<steam username>/garrysmod/garrysmod/* folder

Once you started GMod, select the games you want to get mounted under “Extensions/Game Content” in the main menu.
Then start a game, open the spawnmenu and go for “Browse”. Every game you have installed or can get mounted will have an entry there. Some games even have spawnlists under “Props” like Left 4 Dead 1/2.

Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 maps are NOT COMPATIBLE with GMod. They WILL crash your game once you try loading them.

#Fix for “Left 4 Dead (1/2) Survivors having purple/black eyes”
-dxlevel 90
to the startup command of GMod (Right Click/Properties/Set Launchoptions…), start GMod and switch the Shader-Details in the Graphics options to High/Ultra High.

Delete the <steam>/steamapps/<username>/garrysmod/garrysmod/lua/includes/modules/gm_mount2.dll file.
From now on, the dll and everything won’t be loaded anymore and it’s “inactive” (but not fully uninstalled - Anyway, no code is ran so your GMod behaves like the addon is not installed).

#CRASHES? Strange behaviours?
Do the following:
* GMod crashes with MountFilesystem( some number here ) failed: SteamMountFilesystem( other numbers )
If some number here is 4400 (GMod’s appid), then restart Steam. If it’s another number, then you are trying to mount a game
* You either don’t own - Buy it then
* Haven’t fully downloaded yet - Wait for the download to finish
* Have never started once successfully - Start the game
* Or is “locked”. - For this case, restart Steam and wait for every game getting downloaded/updated.

* Does it crash AFTER you installed it and AFTER you have selected (tons of) games in the settings?
	Then go to /garrysmod/data/mount2/ and delete mounted.txt in there (this will remove the mounts)
	Now if you add mountable content again (your GMod should start now normally) DO NOT SELECT EVERY FREAKING GAME YOU CAN.
		First make sure, you have these games INSTALLED and FULLY DOWNLOADED and you have started the game AT LEAST ONCE.

* Does it crash right after installation, so you were NEVER BE ABLE BEFORE to start GMod and add mountable content.
	Then something is conflicting. In the crash-message ("HL2 has stopped working"), click on "details" and find out,
	where it crashed. If it's in client.dll, I can't do much about it. If it's in gm_mount2.dll, contact me here:
	Anyway, you can try removing your addons (except mount2). If doesn't crash anymore, one addon was doing harm. Find that one
	which makes it not work and tell me it's name on or even upload it to a site so I can test it
	If it's not by a gmod-addon, it can still be a problem with files in your garrysmod/lua folder. Rename it to lua_old. NOTE: Reinstall mount2
	now. If it works now, contact me on and send a downloadable link which contains EVERYTHING in your lua_old folder
	(I really mean: EVERYTHING. I had a case where someone had problems with a lua-cheat installed in /lua but didn't sent it to me so he failed loading
	mount2 but I wasn't crashing with his lua folder installed on my GMod)
	If it still crashs or you can't figure out why by following the above instructions, go to your steam/steamapps/&lt;UserName&gt;/garrysmod folder. There, you wil
	find files named like hl2_4104_crash_2010_3_21T15_44_30C0.mdmp (A CrashDump of HL2. Here created at 21st March 2010, at 15:44:30).
	Search for the latest crash-dump which fits to your local date and time. Create a few crashdumps (around 5) by making the game crash in the situation you encounter the problems. Send them zipped up to
	me by contacting me over

“Run setup.exe and select your <steam>/steamapps/<username>/garrysmod/ folder
copy everything within /garrysmod/* to your Steam/<steam username>/garrysmod/garrysmod/* folder”

this explaing pretty much itself.

Sigh… 1. I told you to put it in

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