Gm_mount2 Slow Walking problem

Let me explain whats going on…

When I downloaded gm_mount2, It looked like It worked like a CHARM!

But when I Started a singleplayer game, My player movement was Really slow… And I was not holding the ALT button. When ever I jump, I just fall stright back down, as if someone had turned the gravity up too high on the player but only on YOU!

The problem was even in servers, People thought I was hacking because I was going slower than a snail, and that I would jump an inch in the air.

I think that there is a big lua codeing error somewhere in there, Please fix it! I have a clan match soon in A deathmatch server!



I think mount2 is what making me crash when i play a server or play on singleplayer.

Why not post this in his thread
Couldn’t you move gm_mount to your desktop for the clan match

1: Never would of found the thread

2: I dumped gm_mount2 folder and the problem is still there

Missed my Clan Match…

Anyone still wanna help anyway?