[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Gm_MountainDriveBETA

[tab]Version:[/tab] 3

[tab]Description:[/tab] Mountain racing map


Hey, it’s been a long long time since I’ve even looked at this map, but thanks to the efforts of EURONABOOM_NEO it has now been updated to work with the newest version of GMOD.

Download link for the latest version:

This map was killed off by the EP2 engine, and it is still likely that it may not be perfect. If there are any issues please post them in this thread. Again, a big thanks goes out to EURONABOOM_NEO for figuring this out after such a long time :slight_smile:

Original Post:

Hi, I’ve finally finished the beta of my racing map, Gm_MountainDrive. I could’nt finish it last week as I didn’t have access to the internet. This is my first release, but not my first map.

A fullbright version has been uploaded on, here:

So you can play it again on EP2 if you like. I’ll try and recompile it with lights, as the update to the SDK made it crash less for me, so who knows. However, I’m starting a new map called gm_oceandrive which you may hear more of depending if EP2 doesn’t die on me.

The map features a large tarmac road with dirt shortcuts, as well as two full dirt tracks.

A major improvement has been made to the lighting in the map:

A map displaying all possible laps through the track:

Licence: (pasted from Amsterville)
You may use/play my map no matter what, as long as you don’t take any credit for it!
When you spread and share this map, make sure it is this unmodified zip file that includes this readme.txt.
And I don’t want people to edit or decompile to change my map(s).
Decompiling it to look at it, and learn from it is ok with me.

I only added this as this is my first release and I’m not really sure what to put. If anyone wants any changes made, please post them here and I’ll try and make them (if they’re good ideas).

Thanks :slight_smile:

For the future:

A night version, maybe a rain or snow one.

Also, more trees, foliage, and general improvements to displacements and textures.

Enterable buildings.

Getting it to work on Gmod 2008.

PS: Thanks to:

LOD Visorak06

Yay! Finally in BETA. :slight_smile:
I hope you’re still working on adding lighting. Looks like you still have full bright on.

No, it has lighting, it’s just pretty bright. It was way too dark the last time I compiled.

I like it, good work! :slight_smile:

You really really need to give it a decent sun or sunset would be good. It looks really fullbright now as you know and there’s almost no shadows, it’s not a good look.


It looks fun though maybe more trees would be good.

Dear god, please change the lighting. It burns my eyes.
Other than that it looks like a great idea very well executed, great job.

I’ll turn down the brightness tomorrow. I want to know more about how well the map runs and also any improvements. I’ll change the brightness and adjust the env_sun so it’s more suitable, also, I’ll probably improve the detail of the skybox.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

This map is great! Thanks for releasing it, even if it is only beta.

It should be good for more than just racing as well.

Has anyone got any performance issues? I hope I don’t need to optimize it any more. Also, the lights have been dimmed, and I’ll try and add more foliage.

Also, how do I add images directly to the first post, instead of using links?

Direct link to image

Thanks :slight_smile:


Ok, new version has been uploaded.


Fucking epic.
Try and make a similar map but with just dirt tracks and no buildings/towns or anything.

Great map and its well optimized. Runs fine on my pc and its really old.

Much better with out the fullbright looking lights

I like this map a lot. You should make the fence near the cliff breakable. That would be really cool.

It’s nice. I like how you added alternate routes on the larger track.



The map as a whole is overall quite well done, and the town looks nice to boot.
Aside from that unsightly texture stretch on some of the displacements, the whole thing is great. :slight_smile:

nice one :smiley: