I just released this map for gmod. Enjoy!

Mountainside - Workshop Link

Mountainside is big snowy stretch of highway, suitable for all snowy-stretch-of-highway activities. It’s based on the road up to Big Bear California.

This is actually a re-release of an old Counter-Strike Source map I made some time ago. It is largely the same, but it’s been given a graphical upgrade.

I’ve never released a map specifically for gmod before, so yell at me if I did something wrong and I’ll fix it.

This looks beautiful!

This map looks ridiculously beautiful, bravo!

Great atmosphere in this map, it would be even better if you could enter that cozy looking cabin


The atmosphere is so good that it looks like a CSGO map.
Very nice!

Got a non-workshop link?

I’d love to use this in SFM.

I don’t at the moment. I’m worried about players with workshop copies being able to play with non-workshop copies. The workshop doesn’t pack the assets into the bsp, but if I released a non-workshop version and pack to bsp, will the two version of the bsp work between server/clients? I’ve never put a map on the workshop before, so I have no idea.

In the meantime, you can use this tool to unpack the workshop file, and you can freely stick it in SFM.

holy fuck

Absolutely amazing. The mapping king ratings were well deserved.

how large is the map

looks like SFM doesn’t like it. The mountain sides are all big pink/black checkerboxes. the best mountains

Get a fresh copy, I updated it last night. I accidentally left a detail texture in that required CS:S, but it’s out and all works now.

Absolutely gorgeous map man, those mountains look impeccable. I’m sure it’ll be received well in the posing community. Personally it reminds me of Just cause 2, I’ll be sure to download!

That skybox is amazing.

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The mountain displacements look so natural

I’m most definitely going to do snowy-stretch-of-highway activities when I get up on my personal computer tomorrow.

This map is covered in a white blanket of WIN.

Ah, very nice.
I like how these roofs have snow aswell and not just a texture of snow set on them :slight_smile:

Just extract the map from the .gma using the extractor thingy

Also, nice map! Subscribed!

No, the BSP with the content packed in to it will be considered different from the other BSP without any of the content in it. If a server is running the BSP with the packed content, and a player with the other version joins, it will disconnect them with an error saying “map differs from server.” You could easily counteract this issue by naming the packed version something else. Like “gm_mountainside_packed” or something along those lines.

Anyway, this map looks awesome. The one thing you overlooked was making the cabin accessible. Generally when you make a gmod map, any buildings you put in to the playable space should be fully accessible. It gives players way more utility when building or roleplaying or whatever. It’s not a big deal or anything, but it’s something to consider for your future maps or future versions of this map if you decide to improve it.