This is a one foot gauge map being made by my friends Cakeguy and Daveh.
one foot gauge is narrow gauge for GarrysMod I hope this map will kick off narow gauge railroading in Gmod.
there is no ETA for this map and will not make one, it is still a beta.


i know its a Crummy drawing. The above is the basic track layout although there will be a spur line to a logging camp in the finished and a small town and some other differences and its going to be of a mountainous theme “hence the name”

If the above photos are not of your map what does your map look like? A bit more of a description would be nice too.

Good map, but you should have waited until you had more content to post the thread. Not a big deal though. :stuck_out_tongue:

looks like only very thin trains can drive on those rails

Cool! i want!

i was planing on make the thread since i am making the map i guess meat did it before me.

the map is made for 1’ trains

Dave I would have waited but im on my lappy for the weekend and I cant get more photos and cake if I had known you were going to make a thread I wouldn’t have made this one.

They’re not called Thin trains, lars, they’re called Narrow Gauge! :eng101:


Meatball, could I be a beta tester?

I may be trying to get back into the fashion of Phoenix-built trains again, but snolf using my assisted-built grain carriages makes me still like the usage of Half-Life train prop usage :3:

Ah, well, seems to be a hit, so looking good.

Black Ice add me to friends and next time were testing ill invite you.
you should have my email already

Meatball I’m still waiting for you to accept my friend request :v:

For like 3 days now :frog:

or me you know since i am making it… and its open beta i’ll post some screen shots tomorrow

Very blocky and needs lighting.

it does have lighting but that version of the map had some issues witch make the lighting not work

Oh, did you place a light_environment, and set the pitch yaw roll for it?

yes it was due to a displacement error witch has since been fixed

He has a leak in the map i believe, when I was playing the water was invisible with some other problems. So that will be fixed soon.

Heres a little update, I’ve added the mine that Daveh made for me :thanks bro:
here is what it looks like so far, i still need to texture it but other then that the mine section is completed, and all the errors have been fix, the mountains have been redone to

Get in game screenshots, and fix those displacements, they are pointy, and last time I checked grass doesn’t just cut off and turns to rock.

i just said i redid the mountains and just for you ill compile it right now and get some shots for you

-Here you are good sir