I started mapping a few months ago, and I’m working on a build map that splits into four different areas. You will be able to travel down a hallway, and and enter a teleporter. There will be an area to teleport back if you change your mind on the region you went to.

The four areas are:
Building area
Water area

The name gm_coloursyeah came from my steam name, Colours. I changed it to gm_multibuild because it sounded for fitting to use.

Keep in mind, the map is nowhere near finished, and I only have the spawn finished. I’ve also come across a bug. This is also my second map. If you think it sucks, say so and give me some suggestions. If you like it, tell me things I can improve on.


And here is the bug I get.


Any help on fixing my problem in the map would be very helpful.

If anyone has an suggestions on what could be added, feel free to tell.

It’s looking good, but your brushwork is a little blocky and doesn’t seem to line up right in certain areas. Also, your displacements seem to be a bit squareish (on the bottom they’re nice and round at the top).

Keep going at it. :smiley:

Alright. I was planning on redoing some of it.

The inside is good, for some reason i just really love the inside.

Your moulding doesn’t go around the corner properly in
The dev textures are very bland and not at all aligned properly on parts such as the railing.
And I don’t get what the apparent glitch is.

HiddenMyst, I think you aren’t supposed to see the top of the building from the outside.

I can tell you either don’t like to use displacements or you don’t know how to use them.

It’s a mixture of both. And yes, you spotted the bug I was having.

I’ve been looking up some tutorials on displacement, but I’m still fucking up.

Alright I’m probably going to redo the map from scratch soon.