Hello there! I’d like to present to you my second map, currently in a Beta/WIP stage.
The reasons i’m posting this already are:

  • I’d like some feedback from more experienced mappers, to see if i’m doing everything as optimal as possible
  • To receive some feedback from people, if they would actually play this
  • For suggestions and beta testing for bugs

Without further adue, here’s some pictures:[/t]
The spawn room, will feature teleporters to the whole map and should prevent RSO’s

The main building area


Outside build garages, for cars etc.

The latest version of the map can be downloaded here:

Any area that has dev textures isn’t fully completed, please report bugs you see here though!
Some quick notes:

  • You can go up and down in the elevator by pressing the top or bottom button
  • There’s an underwater sub building area, you can drain it with the buttons in the back

Change the lighting, to depressing grayish
and the repeated textures looks a bit bad

The outter walls will eventually be replaced with a bigger grass area and 3d skybox.
Also the lighting where?

outside, the sunlight

Also consider this.

We already have hundreds, if not thousands of construct maps that all look the same. Consider making something more in a niche.

These cpnstruct map just repeat themselves.
No one has made a themed and detailed construct map.

What about the excess series?

I think thats a perfect example of a visually unique construct map.

And, what about gm_mobenix (a.k.a. the ONLY build/construct themed map I ever downloaded)? It has a lot of detail, and a bunch of random things to do on top of the fact that it has huge spaces for building, variety in areas and textures, and good warm lighting.

Mobenix wasn’t the first one to spring to my mind.

I know about the excess and mobenix maps, an i realize my map is pretty boring right now, but that’s exactly what i made this thread for, i’d like some feedback of what you would like to see in a construct map.

Nothing, because we don’t want anymore construct maps.

A construct map should be unique. All construct maps use flat grass, with buildings on. When i made planetfall, all those years ago, i wanted a construct map where the main platform was a spaceship. Submerged used underwater construction platforms, Sunken used one platform above water, and then lots under the water to explore with your creations.

Think outside of the box and you will get a better idea for a map.

I had the idea of a volcano in the corner of the map, which houses a underground airport and a base or something.

And again, the majority of the map remains flat and like ever other map out there.

I agree, we have far to many build maps. Also, so many of them to too big. I don’t really see the point of a HUGE map, unless of course your building an airplane or car. But I don’t personally do that very often.

Maybe a nice quality small build map, with lockable rooms so you can build in peace.

There’s 3 lag free build garages, and 3 lag free build rooms (with soon to be lockable doors) in the underground area.

Well…if a map was lagging (or having low fps), wouldn’t that be something to fix before release?

I never said it was lagging? I just meant that when you’re in those rooms and you close the door, the rest of the map will stop rendering on the client via the use of areaportals

Instead of using area portals and a “door”, how about trying to cut the map into 3 sections and smartly implementing visleafs within a detailed construction of some sort. Therfore as you go through lets say a tunnel into area 1, areas 2 and 3 are not rendered. It’s smoother, easier, and doesnt rely on people closing a door.

I never implied you did. However you seemed to use the “lag free” as a feature, something which should be a given.