My first building map.
Please read these because i KNOW you arent all going to read the readme:

  1. most of you will probaly get the “hunk overflow” error. to fix it right click on your garry’s mod icon in your steam window.
  2. click properties
  3. click set launch options
  4. paste: +r_hunkalloclightmaps 0
  5. click “OK” and the map should work now.


Watseland area:

Indoor build:

Green screen: (for the green screen, you may want to turn full-bright on [mat_fullbright 1] so you dont get those green reflections)

Shooting range:

Common construct building:

Ragdoll torture building (inside):



Ragdoll torture building (outside):


This is an Alpha/ Beta map, if there are any bugs or suggestions, please post them and i will fix or add them in the full version. Have fun.

PS: theres a secret Indiana Jones style obstacle course, see if you can find it :wink:

Looks quite promising, I like the big slide idea!

why thank you, try going off the slide in a jeep, the jeep does back-flips :smiley:

Take care of the repeating textures, and make sure that the lights have sources to them.

Might want to smooth out the slide a bit, and maybe add some kind of railing or something?
Looks promising, even though it’s a bit blocky.

Like the others said… A bit blocky…
But still! Keep up the good work!

Would be even cooler with HDR. unless it already is…

ya i tried hdr at first, it gave this wierd effect with the magnum, crossbow, and stool gun. and it lagged a bit. ill see what i can do when i make the full version

Yes, you need cubemaps.


well im definetly going to get cubemaps, i see what you mean the flatgrass and some of the construct area does loop a bit, ill add that in the full version. and if i figure out how to remove that strange glitch with HDR, ill throw that in too.

The force is strong with this one. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

That is an indoor build room? Are you F-n serious…

Are only albino’s with sun allergies allowed in there?

Here is the issue… Coders can only code, mappers can only map, and builders can only build.

As a builder I know you CANNOT build in a room that dark. In fact you can’t build in almost any room without a flashlight. I always end up in direct sunlight and then I have shadows to worry about.