gm_MultiStruct by Goz3rr

This is the release of my map, gm_MultiStruct
Just an basic map with only dev textures.


  • 12 spawn points,
  • Boat building and testing area,
  • Lift to/from boat area,
  • Ladders from spawns to higher level,
  • Tunnel from boat area to build area,
  • 4 Garages with doors
  • Wormhole (Removes everything that gets into),
  • Ramp from build area to higher area,
  • Lower building area also with lift,
  • And an Map Icon :smiley:

Its my first try with Hammer, But not first attempt at mapping
Please report any bugs or glitches :smiley:


^Spawn and boat area with lift on the right

^Building area

^Wormhole :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow i love the screen shots you supplied us with. (no pix no clix).

Added them :stuck_out_tongue:
They were on though…

no prob, I recommend you change that water texture to somthing with exp. directx7 water really blows. also go with a different texture besides the dev textures. (grass and gravel) and make it bigger.

Its pretty big, on the screen it looks smaller then it is,
Also, i saw your map? Whats the name of that water texture?
I only could find these ones :
And ill add another version with good texturing and lighting, But that increases loading times :stuck_out_tongue:
At first I had an light_environment in it, But only the open parts were bright, and the water area was dark, and adding lights didnt help :stuck_out_tongue:

Add some lighting to it at least… Fullbright just isn’t how you do it.

Read my edit ^
But im trying atm.


  • It’s fullbright, read some tutorials on lighting
  • It’s blocky and has no interesting architecture.
  • You used cheap water, did 3kliks teach you that by any chance? Use the ** blue **water textures, not the white ones.
  • It’s a construct map, we don’t need any more construct maps.
  • It’s a “first map”, never release your first few maps.
  • It’s dev-textured, dev textures are just a sign that you couldn’t be bothered to texture it properly.

Sorry to be so blunt about it. Cruel to be kind.

God, where to begin…

-*Extremely *cheap water (actually, that’s the ugliest water texture I’ve ever seen)
-Dev textures (not always a disadvantage, but it really is here)
-Skybox :geno:

Overall, it is really bad. Sure it’s better than some of the maps we get around here, and it’s pretty good for a first try, but still, you should have enough common sense to not release a map if you go in-game and see that.
With a bit of work, it might turn out into something good, but be sure to actually put that bit of work in first.


  • Ugly water
    -Skybox (I might just change day_1_01 textures to millita to make maps like this 10% better)


I’m out of this thread.
The guys above just answered and I can’t answer since they already did it v:geno:v

Hello. I made a cool map name, a map, used dev textures and made it look fullbright when its really not in less then 3 minutes. Congragulations. I did not know that was possible.

Just a few things:

  1. Read the first thread: Its not my first attemt at mapping, just some experimenting with Hammer
  2. You guys only have critic on my map, I asked for Bugs/Glitches
  3. Its an EXPERIMENT, I’ve used GTKradiant, and now im switching to Hammer.
  4. Im aware that the map is very blocky, I just made this in 15 min (10 Min on finding the ‘Chaulk’, Then discovered it is ‘NoDraw’ in Hammer) to see what I could do with hammer.
  5. I didn’t know what water texture looked how ingame, And just tried something that looked nice in the Texture browser.

Thanks, And for the people that do read, Did I do anything wrong
(Dont dare to say FULLBRIGHT)
Ill show some work of me in GTKRadiant later.

If you don’t want decent criticism go to

Or just dont release your first map.

Why release something that you yourself admit only took 15mins.
Pretty sure that’s a sign of no effort.

more like ShitStruct

(User was banned for this post ("Not Constructive Criticism" - Terrenteller))

means that you’re too lazy to add proper lightning

We do not want to see your experiments. It just clutters up the mapping section and pushes good maps off the front page. If you did not want criticism, you should not have posted it. A main bug in the map is that it was posted in the first place. Also, if you do not play this ingame, how do you know if it works.


I wish there was something left to say that hasn’t already been said.

Oh. Try adding something that adds more than just construct-ability. Like train tracks, roads, etc.