So I finally got Hammer to work, freaked out, and made my first map. Woo.

Sorry for the lack of media, should show up on place though.

Basically, it’s 2 rooms, one with 2 levels in which you can commit suicide from, connected by a door. (Note: The camera in front of the doorway is blocking the doorway at the spawnpoint, but you can just hit it with your crowbar to gain entry.)

Have fun in my first map ever created. (Note: IT’S MY FIRST MAP! So no crazy “ur a nubfaic” criticism.)

No pictures, probably crappy, never release your first map.

QFT 97% of the time

Suggestion: post pictures next time. If they are pretty, it will encourage people to download your map.

Why did you include the .vmf, .lin, and the .vmx file?

Also, downloading to see how it is.

I just took a look in hammer and going to test it. The map so far is pretty good for a first.

Just two rooms, one big one small, only like 3 textures, a camera NPC that blocks the doorway, a random Kleiner in the corner, next to a suit and health charger. Also, a .357, that due to some kinda bug, fires at full auto. ALso, the stairs are too big, you have to jump on each one.

If it is your first ever map, we don’t want to see it. That goes for anything with “test” in the title too.


Actually, it’s better than most first time maps.

add some light props next time

'Grats on making a first map thats not fullbright. Welcome to the community!
You still should not have released your first map, though.
Try taking a look on interlopers and do a few of their tutorials on various things. Best tip for releasing on Facepunch is that people will generally not give you very good feedback about a map if it doesn’t serve a purpose, be it to build or to look prettyful.

Never ever ever ever ever release your first map.

I think these measurement 128 units textured walls suddently got divided by 0 and increased their scale.

srry 4 the l33t speek but im on psp right now

nyways, first of all, i went ovr this map like 7 times b4 releasing it n im gonna work on it sum more, as well as a rename (?)

the 357 issupposed 2 b alyxgun but its glitchy srry

will fix everything soon as well as more textures n better stairs so dont tune out

also there was supposed 2 b pics on but they never loaded

Seriously talk like a normal human being. Thats just unbearable. Its a good start but lacks function.

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but really. talk like a human. leet speaking is gay.

How many times does facepunch tell people to not release their first map?

Not enough.

It should be in the rules as a [very light] ban-able offense.

On topic: That map kinda of reminds me of that one level in Goldeneye 64. “Library” I think it was.

Looks better than most first maps though.