subjects are created just for you to tell me if you Love for her first maps will help me to continue

Pros: Not fullbright:
Cons: Needs less texture tiling, 3d skybox and a lot more variation on the map to make it a good map.

Good for a start though.

Has lighting which is good, the rest, blocky, repetetive textures no displacments

Not bad for a first map.

Yea Im Working to add Displacment and 3d Skybox but Is Not Simple.o And my Own Ramp for Stargate is good? i need more Realism. but much time was lost and I’m very determined to make my map as a beautiful map
many people will enjoy

More realism, first start another map and don’t make a build map.

This is indeed a good firts map.
Just work your brushing, do more details and stuff, or it will end looking like an alpha map. :slight_smile:

I am impressed. Bravo.

Now this, is an original name. Keep it up.