gm_MySQL Lua DLL Module - v1.8

If anyone wants to use my dual-cpu SQL machine they’re more than welcome - just PM me for info.

That’s amazing! Sweet :smiley: :D.

Visual Studio C++ Express is free

Thank you so much Anders, I have been lookin for this stuff, Now I can finaly learn.

You could just port the LuaSocket code to work with Garry’s special init sequence thing. Probably can’t be too hard.

Sweet, I wanted to go into your server but I had to download 177 files and it was really slow.


LuaSocket is huge and I’d have to modify every function to make it work with the GModInterface.

I’m assuming this doesn’t support Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or 2005?

That’s correct. MySQL isn’t the same as MSSQL :(.

Updated - v1.1 - See first post!

The installer always tells me that I don’t have Gmod10 installed.

Why now?

This is going be really good for
Role play saving.
Virus Database.
The Quick Connect Lua Download Database.

Great Release Really Handy

Damn cool! gold star :slight_smile:


Great release. This will probably be included as an option into MelonRPM for loading/saving player data.

I played around with it a bunch last night. It’s a beauty.


I wanna put this on my server, its linux so… how would i do it :stuck_out_tongue: It doesn’t have MySQL installed but i want to connect to a remote server that does. So in summary:
a)would it work on linux?
b)does it matter if mysql is not installed on the server, but it is installed on a different one that i want to connect to?

How about using SQLite? They are flatfile, but they are dbs :stuck_out_tongue:

From looking at the source code for about 5 seconds, it would seem all you have to do is wrap the calls to the old style luaopen_* functions in Init. g_Lua has a method to return the lua_State it wraps up, so just pass that to luaopen_socket_core, for example.

I’m sure there’s some other stuff you’d have to do, but there won’t be any huge effort on every function in the library.

Dude it was posted by Anders, I think he’s illuminati, or maybe he made gmod10, he might be one. Not sure though lol.

I think numbers are floats etc in GMod, sure you could change that in luaconf.h yourself but he might have changed other things too. Anyway, I asked garry if he could just release his Lua headers + put the old C interface back but he said no.


Yes, I made Garry’s Mod. That is why it’s called



Um, I can only get the bloody clientside interpreter to include DLL modules, is that how it’s supposed to work?