Well i suck at mapping so!

Blocky, not the best texturing, kinda pointless.
Not that great…

whats blocky? on the map

What is the purpose of this map. It looks very ugly, with fairly shoddy lighting. There are no walls, and the grass texture size has not been modified. The buildings and bridges are both very blocky.

what is it supposed to be so bright!!!

That building is very blocky. It also looks like it’s made of about 7 brushes.


There’s nothing really in this map. It is just an open grass area with 2 bridges that come out of the grass. It lacks a 3d skybox and general logic.

If it’s a construction map, then you may as well make it the size of the whole grid to give players the most build space. If it’s not for construct, then you really need to add a lot more to it.

Kinda pointless. The bridges are decent. The grass texture repeats too much, set it to a larger scale or use a different grass texture. Displacements, alpha blending and 3D skyboxes are probably something you’ll want to learn about.

The building does look sort of blocky, it’s adding the little details like shutters and making the roof more realistic (roofs overlap the walls). Nice smokestacks, but they are a bit too thick.

Keep practicing.

The building is taken from a HL2 map, one you see on highway 17.

Wow. If this is true, all you’ve basically done is creating two grass areas and some water. I am not impressed.

I wonder, is the bridge on the left in the last pic supposed to be broken?
If so, :suicide:

Yes, I was thinking the same thing. The house looks quite nice compared to the rest so I guess he actually made an copy.



You removed the pics, and cdlink14 removed your suicidal chat?


I can only hope you have learnt your lesson…come back when you don’t just rip off other peoples work and call it your own.

Yup. I realized the way I had posted it looked like a pre-pubescent 68 year old on open crack night.

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So what, put it back up for clarification of the situation.

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