Gm_nelson (abandoned building map, WIP)

Hellooooo facepunch, its been too long.

This is a map based on a real abandoned building near downtown Columbus, Ohio. I visited the place a few years ago and it made quite an impression. I wanted to make an eye-candy type of map out of it because I love exploring abandoned buildings.

Here is a website that has pictures of the actual place:

The custom graffiti decals were not made by me, Weboftrust was kind enough to give them to me.

The map is still a little bit off from release, I need to add more props, more foliage, more graffiti, and then optimize the holy hell out of it.

Screenshot time:
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]
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UPDATE: 11-30-2010
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

3d skybox test:
[img_thumb][/img_thumb] [img_thumb][/img_thumb]

update 1-4-2011

I start college again in 2 weeks so I have to have this done before then, thankfully its almost ready. All I need to do is tinker with a few bits that look off and learn how to get everything into the map file so people won’t need ep 2 to play it. If anyone can show me how to use the programs that do this just hit me up please.

A few more screenshots:




It looks amazing. How much time have you spent on it?

Looks really good. If you make a night version, it could be a decent short horror map.

I started at the beginning of November. I work on it for probably 2 hours a day as a means of winding down from work.

I really like it. :buddy:
Looks wonderful.

Wow that’s Awsome! I love these sort of ep2 themed maps, I wish more people would make ones like this.

Looks great

Looks amazing, can’t wait to explore this.

You said the release would be a long time, how long exactly will that be? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh cool, an awesome looking map using my name :buddy:

I am setting this project aside for this next week of Thanksgiving. It shouldn’t take longer than a week after that.

Wow, you work quite fast.

Cool, can’t wait for this map :v: Is it optimized/fast?

Well I am running a phenom quad core at 2.5GHz with 4 gigs DDR2 ram and a 9800 GT so even runing vis on fast i get around 90 fps on highest settings. sooooo I am gonna need a few people with lower end computers to test how it runs. If you are interested PM me with system specs so I can see how it runs as is.

I need to add areaportals to the main building, draw distances on all the foliage and trees, and hint brushes where they are needed. Plus I need more graffiti and I am going to edit the brick texture to make it more gritty, oh and I need rust overlays. Its a bit of a list here but I think I can get this released some time in early December.

Now I have a full time job and someones quitting soon so I might be on 60+ hours a week (helloooo money town though :D) so early December is a tentative release.

Yes I am going to make a night time version…maybe even a zombie onslaught version too.

I would have helped you there, if I still have my PC back on 2008.

2.4 GHZ Single Core Intel
768 MB Ram
GeForce FX 5200 128 MB

Fucked up, eh!

I am now running on:

Intel Core i5 3.20 GHZ
Nvidia Geforce GT 220 1GB

You have some really nice outdoor areas. Plenty of plants and trees and the terrain looks quite well sculpted. I especially like the river.

However, you may want to consider working on the indoor lighting; more specifically, I recommend you increase the lightmap size. Also, some particle effects like dust might really add to the atmosphere.

HOw slow of a computer do you want to test it on?
I have a few older intel core 2 duo’s and quads in the closet collecting dust…
need some thing older? Intel Pentium 4 HT 2.8GHz

New update in the OP. I have added some new features including a skybox that all I need to do is tweek and fuss with a bit. I added some particle effects that resemble moving clouds, npc crows that endlessly fly around in loops, dustmotes, soundscapes, and some better lighting.

ETA: a few weeks probably

I like it! keep up with the great work

Amazing. That’s a damn fine 3D skybox.