Welcome to the New Republic – one of the most nonsensical maps ever.

You’ll need EP1 and EP2 for this to look right.

Origins: This is a map that some friends and I have been working on and adding to… well for as long as I can remember. To put it in perspective, one of the houses in the level was actually ported from a half-life level. Back in the day when I was first starting to map I began trying to make a deathmatch level called dm_Platos_republic which basically was a crossroad with 4 structures, replicas of famous and more mundane buildings. The level was a disaster, way too open and poorly optimized. I shelved the map and came across it again after purchasing gmod, and found that it was much more conductive to that kind of game play then it ever would have been in deathmatch. I got some friends to build some structures and we kind of just threw them all together and this kind of developed out of it.

I can’t really classify this map in any one category, it’s kind of like a build map in that it has a few open spaces but they aren’t that big. Though it has almost exact replicas of many buildings its not an rp map: it could not conceivably exist in reality. It’s also not finished, rather, we weren’t sure what to do with it. It will never be finished since it was just a death match level we kept on adding stuff to. However my friends and I have had countless hours of entertainment on it.

Anyhow enough of my ramblings here are some screenshots and brief descriptions of them.

A replica of the Parthenon as it may have looked on the acropolis in Athens – no interior and no pediment sculptures – you can make your own. Example:

Yeah I suck at posing

The pyramid – loosely based on the Mayan pyramid in Chichen Itza

Colonnaded court – was going to be the base for the lighthouse of Alexandria but it ran into complications and was never finished.

Warehouse – a warehouse

3 domestic structures with varying degrees of usefulness

Angel Island – well kind of – I just wanted to play with some displacements and this is what was created – it looks more like a giant green hamburger patty or something.

The Emerald Alter – loosely based on the one from Sonic Adventure:

Again just there to justify the floating island (and because I thought it looked neat) – though it’s kind of cool – fun to jump off of – or launch your flying machines from.

Blue Room Lounge – basic lounge type room built into the side of the island – not much of a view though.

The SGC – a structure that slightly resembles that of the SGC from stargate sg1 – originally form a stargate themed deathmatch level I was working on but latter scraped.

Anyhow hope you have as much fun on it as we had – input, suggestions and of course criticisms are welcome – though I doubt we’ll be working on this one again for a long time with all our other projects.
-2 story house & Brush based Emeralds - HPAlpha (Umbreon here on the forums)
-Warehouse - HeavyJob
-Tiny rundown house – Gackt
And I pretty much did the rest – but with heavy input from the others involved

Wow… That is a mosh pit of everything.

It’s cool, but what shocks me is the quality of the buildings, then you surround it with flat, plain roads and grass. Why?

Otherwise, really awesome.

Yeah, most of those buildings looked pretty good, but then your roads are crap… They could be like in bigcity… Those were some ideal roads. That and you could make the land a big more exciting… maybe some walls between them, elevated terrain in some spots. Doesn’t even need to be displacements, could be dirt walled into a spot to make it higher… just dissapointed that you worked that far then left the landscape without much effort…

Very good map I’m downloading it.

Yes I must confess landscapes have never been my strong suit - something I’m working to change.

Since most of the buildings were created separately and then added afterwards, a simple modular plan was easy, (even if it was kind of half-assed).

Ah well it takes all kinds – I always thought of it more like “flatgrass with buildings” – however I agree that varying the landscape would make it better. Something to think about in the future.

Big pictures are big.

I like the style but the surrounding areas of the buildings are bland. But your architecture is down pat. Very good.

Oh, and the last pic’s lighting killed my eyes.

I’ve been to Chichen Itza a few years ago. By god those steps are steep.

lol I was there once many years ago - In one version of the map I had replicated every step - however it was much harder to ramp of the steps on a hoverboard

beautiful pics, i love the map. must say iv been hoping to see angel island in a map. i must agree with everyone else tho, you need a better landscape. even if its just some random hills. good job on the rest tho.

Some parts look really nice, but some look really blocky.

A bit inconsistent Maybe?

Otherwise, good mapping, especially on some of those Ancient Structures.

Man you should have added the Taj Mahal

haha, maybe some day I’ll finish it

everything but an ocean/lake! I feel left out.

Yeah I should have - you finish it and come up with a new landscape plan and we’ll throw it all together and iron out the bugs

Nice! so I assume the map is still being considered new enough to work on?

If so, I would suggest making separate levels in the map, possibly connected by bridges and ramps.
Of course, displacements would ideally be included as well, but maps can be simple, block and nice all at the same time… Really, they can… so long as the blockiness doesn’t looks unintentional.

I think I can make a quick scketch of my level idea… though I haven’t played the map and wouldn’t know much about it apart from the pictures. (I’m not admin here an can’t download it until I go to my other house with my portable drive to download it to… my little way of stepping around the annoying admin program…)


the colors range on the spectrum from red to darkblue/purple. The “redder” they are, the higher they are. The same colors are the same hieght. In case if you don’t know th rainbow, I have numbered them, though the numbers are sometimes partially covered.

-red: highest level=1

-orange:next highest level=2

-yellow:next highest level=3

-green:next highest level=4

-light blue: next highest level/second lowest level=5

-purple/dark blue: lowest level=6

-Brown strips: bridges between levels. I don’t care what thier made of. It’s not brown to be wood, just because it’s a neutral and not easily mistaken for a bright color elsewhere.

-white strips: tunnels between level. They may slope some to reach lower levels depending on what they connected.

-gray blocks: Ramps… ramps to levels that are one level below them. Never two levels, unless you want to make one.

(yes… I realize the “twos” are actually backwards and resemble “S’s” more than twos. I’m also aware of the “three’s” looking more like “E’s”… I guess I just was thinking backwards.)

Who writes their numbers/letters backwards anyway?

Go back to grade one.

I’m so ashamed. I was just thinking weird I suppose… I apologize for doing bubble letters wrong while listening to music and watching my brother play CoD4… I’m not that good at multitaking. It gets the point across however, which is all I wanted.

Ragdoll posing is epic for this server.

It looks like you’ve put a lot of thought into that – it is a neat idea - bit hard to visualize given the levels current configuration - which is basically a tick tack toe board (3X3 grid of 3072 unit square plots of land divided by 512 unit streets… and a giant floating island).

Some of the structures like the houses could easily be placed on smaller terrace, but ones like the pyramid or the court would require more space. If we add Umbreon’s replica of the Taj Mahal – (which is a truly aw inspiring creation, outshining pretty much everything else in the republic in terms of its complexity, beauty and sheer size), then we would have to consider that as well.

I certainly would not dismiss the idea of reworking it if people are actually interested in it. I know Unbreon and I are currently working on other projects, (I myself am not going to be actively mapping until after my exams in late April). Regardless the input is appreciated.

Ha, such a fun map! I love the floating island in the middle.

Hey can you put up a file with the map execpt with the texture fixes? I don’t have episode 1 and 2