I originally made this map for FridayFliers youtube show.
I fixed some texture issues.
Map contains:
green screen
blue screen
4 stages from ranging backgrounds
controlled lighting via buttons
dark room
prop storage site




For some reason, I can’t re-upload to Gmod, but here is the updated file with .vmf,

looks good for movie making, I like it

Thank you sir :smiley:

Haha, with this, onion news won’t have shit on GMOD.

EDIT: looks more like a CIA underground bunker than a news station… maybe you need more carpeting, cubicles, and camera setups?

It looks great for easy movie making as the above poster said, should come in handy.

Though does anyone else think that at 1:40 or so in the second video the female rebel looks like she’s doing the moon walk?

look at me! I can import models and copy paste old material :D!

-no real work put into it
-copy pasted stuff
-looks like shit (I can’t put this in nicer terms, it does look like shit, If I could shit bsp’s, this would plop out)

Woah woah woah, stop posting my videos >:|

Then stop putting them on YouTube >:|

I didn’t intend for both of you to use WIP footage as a advertisement.

Haha, great idea for a map!

I don’t think anyone has done this before.

Good idea for a map, but it looks somewhat blocky.

sorry, should have asked your permission.

I’ll release the .vmf in the future, and anyone can modify/upload.


I understand that it may not be up to your standards, but then again, I had no intention of releasing this, the upload button on was tempting me.

I’ll update the file with the .vmf, so you can change, it at your will; upload it and what not.

If you had no intention of releasing it…then you shouldn’t have released it. If the button was tempting you, then you could have brought it to a release standard.

To upload to it needs to be a zip

First pic, Misaligned texture in corner. Looks weird.

Other than that, yes, it is a bit blocky.

But i don’t see what the others are complaining about. It’s way better than the rest of the shit that have been coming this year.

The misaligned texture is fixed, the pictures I took, are from older versions, same with the videos, I just haven’t bothered taking newer pics, not that there is many changes other than textures, and some slight brush fixes.


updated op with gmod link