i made a small map!
download here:


If you want VMF file just pm me :slight_smile:


BTW im going to add a source for the lights, looks kind of strange xD

the outside of the house looks…“retarded.”

not as in retarded looking, but as if it were designed by a retard. I’m not calling you a retard or anything

just doesn’t look right


looks like a store

Not bad. what a contrast from gm_apocalypse, though.

‘Nice House’ - The name lies.

Needs more detailing

What were you thinking?

WHOA those are some massive door frames

It doesn’t even look like a house.

Rated box because of box house.

It could use some work on some of the texturing

That overhanging thing is bigger than the house… :byodood:

If this is a first time: It looks good.

It’s because that’s Gabe’s (N.) House


Nice job. Outside appearance could use some work though.